The Move

January is not the month I would have picked as my ideal time to move.   But when I woke up yesterday morning to sunshine, birds singing, and snow melting off the roof of the apartment, I knew — this was going to be a perfect day.  The weather reached well over forty degrees, which was an unexpected surprise.  There couldn’t have been a more beautiful day planned for climbing up three flights of stairs over, over, and over again.  If you want to lose weight, seriously, find someone who needs help moving.  It’s cheaper than the gym and can last for hours. 

Thankfully, many hands make the task lighter, and we had quite the crew.  My husband Nathan and I are at the bottom left… next to me is my sister Sarah.  The remaining movers consisted of family and friends, including my Dad and my Mom (who is practically bursting with happiness in this photo).  🙂  I’m not sure if it’s because she was so excited that Nate and I finally have our own place… or because we are now practically neighbors.  I can’t believe I’m back in the neighborhood I grew up in.  Let’s see how quickly I can adjust to being a country girl again.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the move went much quicker than we had imagined and our apartment was soon emptied out and behind us.  Now we’re home-sweet-home and a new chapter of our lives can now begin.  And this is also where my blog begins…

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