Snow day

I woke up to a winter wonderland and almost instantly hunted through boxes to find a pair of gloves, a hat, and boots.  Unpacking could wait; it was time to go outside and play!  All I could find was one pink glove and one red glove, because their matching gloves had been tossed who-knows-where.  If you could see my living room right now, you’d know why even the thought of finding the matching glove was exhausting.  So I went outside looking a little disheveled but feeling too happy to care.    

I haven’t needed to shovel for quite some time now, because the apartment’s driveway was always plowed by the time I left for work.  Maybe that’s why I actually felt eager to shovel the driveway on my own.  Let’s see how long that lasts… 😉  I’ve heard that spraying your shovel with non-stick, cooking spray can keep the snow from sticking to your shovel.  I nearly tried it out, because the wet snow did make for complicated shoveling.  But it was only my second morning in the neighborhood, and I wondered what people would think if I walked around my driveway wearing two different-colored gloves, a can of Pam, and a pink baseball cap.  Maybe I’ll try it out next time!

The remainder of the day consisted of organizing and unpacking.  I’ve been trying to dig into my creative side, as I know I have one locked inside me somewhere.  For inspiration and ideas, I’ve been devouring magazines such as Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living.  One tip I learned from Real Simple  was to use tea-cups as a way to organize earrings.  It worked and now I won’t have to dig through a box anymore when I’m looking for a specific pair. 

It was a very productive afternoon!  Although Nate and I don’t have a definite system to our unpacking, we’re basically tackling one room at a time… and of course, one box at a time. Seriously, how did we fit all of this stuff in an apartment??  After dinner, Nate and I loaded the dish washer for the first time and went upstairs to — guess what — unpack some more.  Not even five minutes went by when Nate went downstairs to grab something… and came across the flood in our kitchen!  The dishwasher didn’t work and had created a river in our kitchen… and a rainforest in our basement!


Since my parents are nearly neighbors, I made a frantic call to my dad and asked if he could bring over his shop-vac.  He was over in a matter of minutes, and he and Nate tried to get rid of as much water as possible.  Welcome to home owner-ship, I suppose.  It is days like this that remind me that just as you need to enjoy the simple moments, you really need to not sweat the small stuff.  … or maybe you shouldn’t sweat the big stuff either.  What good will that do anyway?

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