Busy days!

I made the most exciting discovery this morning!  The dial for the shower is backwards… Turn it to the cold setting, and hot water comes out… Turn it to the hot setting, and cold water comes out.  I’ll admit that I am a bit disgruntled at having taken frigid showers for the past three mornings.  I just couldn’t figure out how to get hot water…  It would have been bad enough had it been summer, but we are in the middle of January and waking up to an icy shower is not the way to start your day off right.  I will say this though.  It wakes you  up pretty fast!  Yet I am more than happy to now go back to my old ways — hot water for the shower and cold water for my iced coffee!

I was glued to the window as I ate breakfast, because the view outside was breathtaking.  The clouds were rolling in over the fields, and the thick blanket of snow coated the trees and rooftops.  I managed to snap some pics before work, but my camera just couldn’t capture it perfectly.

 Another exciting part of my day was that my kittens are finally getting used to their new home and are slowly venturing out of the upstairs bathroom.  For some reason, this is their favorite room in the entire house, and they have stationed themselves there with no apparent desire to move elsewhere.  Moving them to the new house has been an interesting experience, because I mistakenly believed that my two fur-babies would love it instantly.  But they seem to be over-whelmed with how huge the house is compared to our apartment, and they have been taking their time with the exploration process.  I figure that if I give them space, they’ll venture out when they feel like it.

 Aren’t they cuties?  🙂

Because Nate and I are involved in a church program on Wednesday nights, I had to once again make a quick dinner.  I browned some chicken in a frying pan coated with a bit of olive oil, added some black bean salsa, a bit of corn, and served the ‘mess’ in a soft-wrap.  A bit of cheese on top adds a nice touch too.  It’s nothing fancy, but it has a lot of flavor and cooks up in less than 30 minutes.  Seriously, how can you beat that when you’re in a rush?

Well, another day has flown by.  Hopefully things will slow down a bit soon, as the unpacking is nearly done.  (The mess in the spare bedroom doesn’t count, because we can get to that later).  I’m just super excited about what we get to do next — decorating and entertaining!!!

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One Response to Busy days!

  1. Your dinner sounds so simple and amazing. Love it! 😀 And I always forget about Newmans Own black bean salsa…major yumminess.

    SO glad to hear the kitties are doing better. 😀 Highstreet definitely looks curious in that picture and it looks like Stitch is up to his usual climbing antics, sitting on that “perch.” haha…too cute!

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