Is it spring yet?

The sun is beginning to set a little bit later every day, promising the slow — but steady — arrival of spring.  I really notice it when I leave work, because while I used to step out into pitch-black darkness, there is now a strip of orange and red lining the bottom of the horizon.  Every day, the strip gets a little bit bigger and a bit more colorful.  Just the other day, half the sky was a brilliant pink and purple.  It’s January… we have storms yet to come and plenty of cold yet to face.  But I’m loving the extra touch of color each evening… and still trying to enjoy the simple moments that winter brings without wishing an entire season away.  🙂 

I am especially interested in spring this year, because my jogging sneakers are sitting in my closet… just begging me to put them on and go for a run!  But my lungs aren’t accustomed to the winter cold, because I had a gym membership when we lived at the apartment.  So every day, when I leave work and it’s a little bit brighter, I feel as though I’m one day closer to when I can go for my neighborhood run.  I grew up just two miles away, so this is my old jogging route.  The  last time I jogged here was the day before my wedding; and I can’t wait to pass the same familiar trees, houses, and fields.  Hmmmm, it’s good to be back!

So my husband and I bought something new for the house.  Now that the cats are familiar with our new home and willing to venture out of the upstairs bathroom, we’re trying to make the basement easier to access.  Enter the kitty door.  🙂  I’m a little interested to see if this will work, because if the cats don’t want to push open the door’s flap, they just won’t.  They’ve already made it clear that this is their castle, just as the apartment was.  Their rejection would be a bad thing, as we will have put a hole in our basement door for nothing.  That and I will have a nice little mess to clean up somewhere in the house.  Highstreet did like the kitty-door box, so maybe that’s a sign?  We’ll find out this weekend…

For supper, I made salmon fillets, marinated in a bit of soy sauce, maple syrup, garlic powder, and minced garlic.  Served with heaping portions of broccoli and a baked sweet-potato, it was super satisfying and really fast.  (The salmon cooked in 20 minutes at 400 degrees).  It was my type of meal, as I never feel like sitting over a stove very long when I come home from work!  And don’t even get me started on the sweet potato, as it tastes too amazing to be a vegetable.   I’m in love with how I can just toss one in the microwave for 6-7 minutes, how it comes out perfectly every time without me fussing over it, and how there isn’t any clean-up.   Ta da!

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One Response to Is it spring yet?

  1. Can I come over? Because (1) you had my favorite meal ever with my absolute favorite veggie and (2) Stitch and Highstreet are more adorable everytime I see them. 😀

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