Good friends, good food, good times

As predicted, today was one of the coldest days yet.  It was the type of cold that knocks the wind out of you the minute you step outside.  I swear there were icicles in my hair by the time I was done scraping off my car.  On a positive note, nothing brings people together quite like frigid weather.  When the wind blows your hair into an affro on your walk into work or you do a silly I’m-about-to-slip-on-the-ice-so-I’m-flailing-my-arms-wildly-dance, everyone around you can’t help but join you in laughter and then strike up a conversation.  This is true, as I have experienced it first hand…

During my lunch break, I ran out to pick up an Italian bread to go with the vegetarian chili… and couldn’t resist picking up another box of tea.  I am seriously addicted and now Nate is drinking it too.  Just one sniff of the apple cinnamon tea brought me back to my childhood, when my mom would make herbal tea after a family hike in the snowy woods.  The cashier gushed about the tea flavor too, and I found myself chatting with her a bit before heading back to work.  I think I was just in a talkative mood today…


My roommate Ashley and her boyfriend Josh came over for dinner, which was the first time my husband Nate and I have entertained in our new home.  As I’ve mentioned in previous  blogs, we aimed for simple– yet hearty — for tonight’s meal, so that we could focus on enjoying the company rather than stressing about the details. (The extra details will come in time). The chili came out really good; and Ash brought romaine lettuce, chicken, and her homemade caesar salad-dressing to go with it.  The caesar salad — which was amazing by the way — really did compliment the chili perfectly, and it was WAY better than the pre-packaged salads you buy in the store!  (Another goal… to try my hand at making homemade salad dressing).  The meal — finished off with grapes and some of the thumb-print cookies — was very satisfying, and it was such a great evening!  Sometimes simple really is the best.

 At the beginning of the evening, Ash asked me if the house felt like a home yet, and I said that it was close but it was still not quite there.  But when she and Josh left, I realized that the house now felt like a home.  Having them over for a meal and some great conversation really made it feel like old times.  Besides, all this house needs is some memories of its own, and tonight was just the beginning.

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One Response to Good friends, good food, good times

  1. Looks like such a fun night! And you’re so right, that flailing like a crazy person on the ice is definitely…well…an ice breaker (literally.) :mrgreen:

    See you later today! 😀

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