Foccacia Bread, chicken stew, and how many shades of yellow?

Baking is probably one of my favorite things to do on cold, winter weekends.  I blame it on the French in me, because I absolutely love to see people eat.  🙂  Nothing makes me happier than to package up some homemade cookies or muffins and then take them to someone who hasn’t had the ability or time to make some.  Feeding my husband makes me feel pretty good too!

Since I already have a banana bread in the freezer and some Thumbprint cookies left over, I decided to stay away from making any sweets.  (Oh, and then there are the amazingly fluffy whoopie pies my aunt brought over).    Soooo, I made a homemade foccia bread, which is really easy (just chose a recipe that calls for fast-acting yeast, so it’ll be quick too).  There’s nothing like the smell of baking bread!  To go with the bread, I made a homemade chicken stew, and my mom brought some freshly chopped pineapple for dessert.  Simple but hearty, the theme of this weekend!  🙂

Let’s see how I do when I turn things up a notch…

Later this afternoon, Nate and I went back to the old apartment, just to make sure we didn’t have any unforwarded mail left there.  Since we were in the city (which really isn’t that big in the scheme of things, but it’s a whole lot bigger than where we live now), we hit some stores and did some window-shopping.  I’ve been saving every last penny so that I can go on a shopping spree and revamp my wardrobe.  (Trust me, a walk-in closet is amazing but depressing all at the same time. It’s so huge that it easily looks empty).  🙂  So although I know I’ll be happy when I go on the shop-till-you-drop shopping trip with my mom and sister, I’m having spending withdrawels and would like nothing more than to hand over my debit card to a cashier… only to be handed back a bag containing something new.  (Boxes of tea or packages of gum purchased in the last week or so don’t count!).  🙂

Speaking of shopping, do you realize how many shades of paint there are for the color yellow?!?  At least ten!  (And probably well over that, but I became over-whelmed when I reached that tenth color and so therefore stopped counting).  It’s amazing, and I will have no trouble finding THE color… only trouble narrowing it down to one.  It’s so exciting to be picking out paint for our first home that I can’t imagine how ecstatic I’ll be when we’re looking at furniture…

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One Response to Foccacia Bread, chicken stew, and how many shades of yellow?

  1. Oh gosh…Stitch just looks way too cuddly in that picture. Cutie patootie! :mrgreen:

    Everything about Saturday’s lunch was perfect, Nicole! I’m in love with your focaccia bread and the chicken soup was delicious. We’ll have to have a recipe swap soon! 😀

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