Forgetting meals and planning meals

When you have your first home, window-shopping never grows old; but without will-power, the looking could easily turn into buying.  Thus, enter my conscience — my sister Sarah.  She and I have a perfect system — don’t let the other buy anything unless they absolutely love it, need it, and can afford it.  Whether we’re trying to add some decor to a bedroom or searching for the perfect pair of jeans, we’ll always turn to the other and ask, “What do you think?”  And if the other responds with a hesitant, “Well,  you might be able to do better,” the purchase is usually off.  Besides, when you’re trying on clothes, it doesn’t hurt to have a supportive shopping-buddy by your side.  With such a friend, if you feel fat while trying on an outft, it’s always the outfit’s fault and has absolutely nothing to do with you!

Late this afternoon, after hanging out with Sarah for an hour or two, I tidied up the house and did some dishes to pass the time away, as I had a writer’s group to attend this evening.  It wasn’t until about 4pm that I realized that I didn’t have anything planned for supper…  I have a weekly, food schedule that I follow and base my grocery shopping against.  It’s the only way I can balance working 40 hours a week and making dinner every night.  There’s a notebook stuck to our fridge, which lists what I plan on making when.  This week, I somehow I over-looked Sunday.   How I jumped from Saturday to Monday, I have no idea.  How does one do that?  I could understand if I maybe skipped over Monday by accident, but forget about Sunday? 

I am blaming this predicament on the busy schedule of this week and do realize that it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  There’s no use crying over spilt milk, right?  Oh, wait, we were out of milk too… Sooo, I honestly did feel frustrated, especially since I didn’t have time to go to the store and pick up some supper items.  But the good thing is that we were able to use up the last of the left-overs.  Thank goodness veggie chili makes a lot!! 

Speaking of meal planning, I just started a spreadsheet for specific food items, so that I can organize the recipes I’ve made.  For example, I have a specific page designated for chicken, beef, vegetarian, fish, dessert, and breakfast.  I record the recipe name, the cookbook number (I designated numbers to my favorite cookbooks), the page number, and then check off the subcategories if the meal is company worthy, healthy, quick, or a make-ahead meal.  That way, if I’m looking for a quick meal that’s good enough to serve company, I just pull out my spreadsheet and scan down the columns until I find a recipe that is checked off in those two categories.  I’ve honestly only done this for two of my cookbooks up to this point, but I’m hoping to get more done because it saves me time in the long run!

 Well, another week is here…  🙂  Happy Monday in advance everybody!

Well, another week begins… 🙂

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One Response to Forgetting meals and planning meals

  1. Love your organization system!! That sounds like such a good idea, and an easy way to keep track of things. Love it!

    I loved hanging out yesterday! It was nice getting a fully caffeinated latte and having time to gab. 😀 Can’t wait for Friday too!

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