And the vacation begins!

Today I received the best of news…  My husband is going to move to a day shift and will no longer need to work nights.  Although I hate to admit it because it makes me look like a scaredy cat, I really don’t sleep well when he’s not home.  There, I said it…  This new house has different creaking noises to get used to, and I have pretty much been sleeping with one eye open.  (The cats don’t help, because they make so much noise and startle me several times each night.  One night, I was so sure that someone was in the house, so I tip-toed down the stairs to investigate.  This proves I am a little bit crazy, or so says one of my best friends.  I don’t know, I guess I just always know that there’s  no one there, but I can’t feel safe until I’ve proven it.  Besides, it’s not like I was empty-handed; I was armed with a Rachel Ray frying pan).

Anway, the good thing that has come from being alone at nights is that I now know I can survive on only five hours of sleep.  The bad thing is that I’m pretty much using caffeine to get me through the day.  (Seriously, a Starbucks coffee is like sleep in a cup).  Soooo, Nate’s new schedule is going to be welcomed with open arms, because now he’ll be home at night.  When he’s home, I don’t even notice the creaks and such.  And when it’s all said and done, there’s nothing like being with the one you love at night!

Tonight, my sister is sleeping over for one last time, since Nate had to work his night shift still.   Tomorrow, she, my mom, and I are going shopping for some new clothes.  I need to get a good night’s rest or else I’ll never keep up with them.  Some people shop until they drop… My mom and sister shop until they drop and then — if there is just one more bargain waiting to be conquered — they drag themselves through the mall on their hands and knees.  Okay, so I am exaggerating slightly, but only slightly!!  They take shopping to a whole new level!  I will never be a fierce shopper like they are, but it’s fun to try.  Here’s to hoping that there will be a lot of sales…

Oh, yeah, and I am officially on vacation!!  🙂

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2 Responses to And the vacation begins!

  1. Pastor J says:

    Yay! I am so glad for you and Nathan. Hope you both will now sing in the musical!

  2. So much fun today, Nicole! Thanks again for having me over for a sleepover. 😀

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