If you’ve looked for Superbowl dessert recipes, you have come across at least one recipe for brownies cut into the shape of footballs.  The recipes promise a cute dessert that is quick, easy, and oh-so-cute.  What they don’t warn you about is that ooey-gooey brownies are nearly impossible to cut into that shape.  I tried so hard, but ended up with brownies in every other shape possible.  Note to self: next year, make a salsa dip!!

Nate reminded me that what matters most is that the brownies tasted good and that people would enjoy them.  Sure, they wouldn’t resemble footballs, but they did taste like chocolate…   Oddly enough, my joy of cooking calendar opened to a quote by Marion Rombauer Becker:  “Long after the meal passses, your guests will remember only a wonderful day or evening spent in the pleasure of your company rather than a misplaced saucer, missing salad fork, or an empty water glass.”  Is this my motto?  It might be, because while I strive to become more creative and skilled at my cooking skills, I am trying to focus on the important things: the people.  (Ahhh, how calm I sound at this moment.  To be honest, I nearly threw the brownies out the window when my attempt at creating football-shaped brownies ended in flying saucer-shaped brownies). 

  I will say this…  It has dawned on me that I always wait until last minute to try special-occasion recipes.  Maybe I should make a list of  holidays or special occasions from the year and then try out some recipes on the off months.  That way, I’ll be prepared. (And I would have known weeks ago that football shaped brownies don’t work if your brownies are ooey-gooey). Okay, okay, I’m not bitter and I’m letting it go… Still it looked so easy to make!!  🙂

The Superbowl was watched at my parent’s house this year, and it was so much fun!  My team wasn’t playing, but there was amazing food and more family-time to look forward to.  We ate pizza topped with more veggies than you can imagine, and my mom filled a huge bowl with additional veggies for guilt-free munching.  My sister broiled some chicken, which was pure deliciousness, and — of course — there were brownies. (Last time I mention them, I promise).

Oh, and look at what I found at the grocery store today… TULIPS!  Maybe spring is coming after all…  🙂

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One Response to Superbowl

  1. Nicole, your brownies were perfect! 😀 Seriously. I had a tiny peice last night and they were fudgy and perfect. Brownies are meant to be ooey and gooey. Major yumminess. 😀

    Hope you guys have FUN this week (I know you will 😀 ).

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