Pumpkin Pancakes: Only the Beginning

For breakfast, my husband and I went to a maple sugar farm that has been converted into a restaurant.  The atmosphere is rustic and cozy, and the food is amazing!  I realized today, however, that out of all the times I have eaten breakfast there, I have always ordered their veggie omelet.  I’ve been at least 15 times and have never been able to stray away from  my favorite choice.  Okay, so that might sound a bit pathetic, but do not judge me as you have not tried their veggie omelet.  It’s amazing and to order anything but that took all of my will-power!  🙂

But as difficult as it was, I did it.  I decided to really put myself out there, take some risks, and try something different… 😉  As I couldn’t decide between the stuffed french toast, Belgian waffle, or pancakes, I pretty much closed my eyes and let my finger fall wherever it may.  And so that is how I ended up trying pumpkin pancakes for the first time in my life.  They were DELICIOUS, and I will most definitely try making them in the upcoming weeks!  Lesson to self: don’t be afraid to try something new, because it may turn out for the best.

I’m not sure if my new-found confidence can be blamed completely on my breakfast, but — for some reason — I was all for trying new things today.  So when I called my hairdresser and scheduled a hair-cut for Friday, I told her that I’m tired of long hair and that I’ve decided to cut it up to my shoulders.  I am now having a mini panic attack, but will not back down.  Maybe the haircut will turn out to be a pumpkin pancake — new but surprisingly perfect.  If it’s not so great, well, there will be a post on knowing when to hold yourself back…

Anyway, for the remainder of the afternoon, I kept busy in the kitchen, since the weather outside was snowy.  I made a minestrone soup (thanks for the recipe, Mom) for tomorrow’s lunch on the go.  (I am now completely into packing some warm soup in a thermas for day trips.  Can you beat that on a blustery, cold day??  Plus it’s more healthy than eating out).   

And since baking is a must on snowy days, I baked some valentine cookies.  (Most of them ended up in the freezer for when I don’t have time to spend in the kitchen).  

Other than that, it was a lazy, wintery day…  Now it’s almost time for American Idol, and I think I’ll actually take the time to watch it tonight.

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One Response to Pumpkin Pancakes: Only the Beginning

  1. That is my absolute *favorite* pancake! I’m the same way, with always ordering the same thing…can you believe I have never ordered a veggie omelet? And the fact that you’re getting your hair cut in a new way? Yep, you’re inspiring me to break from the norm!! 😀

    And baking on a snowy day = perfect. So glad you guys are having such an awesome week of vacation! 😀

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