Just Going with the Flow

Sometimes, when things don’t go the way you’ve planned, you just have to smile. Because that’s all you can do.  And when you stop focusing on what you had planned and start living in the moment, then it can all turn out to be okay in the end.  There are times when the only thing that matters is the person you’re with and the fact that you’re spending time together!  So sometimes, you just have to go with the flow…

For today’s day-trip, Nate and I decided to drive out to Rhode Island.  At first, we were thrown for a loop, because our GPS stopped working mid-route.  We had to stop to buy a map, and turned it into a tour of a Rhode Island Walmart (even though their Walmarts really do look exactly like the ones in our state).  And then we were surprised to learn that most of the things we had planned on doing were actually closed for the winter and will not re-open until May.  Oops… 

We did find an elaborate mansion that was giving historic tours, so we spent an hour or so at that site.  The place had 70 rooms, not counting the bathrooms! As I was walking through the marbled halls and looked up at the 50 foot ceilings, I whispered to Nate, “Let’s come up with reasons why we don’t want to live in a mansion.”  And so began our adventure to find the reasons why we’re much happier in our cozy abode than in a 100 square foot palace.  I honestly can’t remember all of them, but one sticks out:  “We’re having a hard time decorating our handful of rooms. Try seventy?!?”    So although the home was amazing, I’m happy with our simple place. 

Other than that, we did LOTS of driving, got lost several times, and ate some good food that we had both packed.  (Nate had made us sandwiches, and I had packed the minestrone soup).  And grapes, chilled and perfectly crisp, made for an amazing dessert.  Right now, I’m putting together a chicken pot pie… It’s kind of late but we haven’t eaten dinner yet and a good comfort food sounds perfect. 

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One Response to Just Going with the Flow

  1. I love how you guys came up with a list of reasons why not to live in a mansion. :mrgreen: I couldn’t agree more…I can’t imagine decorating 70 bedrooms. Insane!

    Oh, and I’ll print out the recipe for the chicken and the cauliflower pie for you! 😀

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