Shapin’ Up: Just Gimme Water Please!

Water…  Sometimes I think that drinking it is the foundation for getting back into shape.  At first, it seems kind of boring, but then — the more I drink it — the more I want it and the more I want to choose other healthier options.  So my healthy goal for this week is to drink at least six glasses of water a day.  It’s not the easiest of tasks for me, because I am addicted to fruit juices.  🙂  Cranberry, orange, apple, or grape — if it’s a juice, I love it!  To trade the juices for water and to eat actual fruit instead will be an adjustment for me, but bring it on!!  I know that once I start running again, I’ll need the extra hydration.  And the benefits to drinking water are endless. (I am writing this for my benefit more than anything else, because I need to get pumped up for H2O!).  😉

Onto more guilty pleasures…  As a treat to go with Nate’s lunch tomorrow, I sliced into the welcome-to-the-neighborhood Bundt cake that a woman across the street had baked for us.  I didn’t even taste it but the aroma  of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg was enough to make me completely happy.  I’ve never seen such a moist cake!

My determination to be good and not have a piece of the cake was because I had this for dessert yesterday…

Ice cream rolls are super easy to make, but make a wonderful presentation for guests.  The cake batter — spread out on a cookie sheet — cooks in about 15 minutes.  After it’s cooled for 30 minutes, spread on the softened ice cream and stick in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

Then add on a thin layer of hot fudge and whipped cream….  It is c*h*o*c*o*l*a*t*e heaven!!

It was a splurge — yes — but it was completely satisfying, and I didn’t even crave dessert tonight.  (Another amazing thing about water is that it curbs the ‘fake’ cravings — the cravings that make you want to eat, even though you’re honestly not hungry).

Sooo, this week’s goal: learn to love water!  🙂

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5 Responses to Shapin’ Up: Just Gimme Water Please!

  1. I love water! 😀 I feel like the more I drink it, the more I “need” it to make me feel energized. Hence the constant visits to the ladys room whenever I’m out shopping. 😉

    If water gets boring, sometimes adding a small amount of fruit juice helps too (majorly diluted, but it still adds some *zing*, color and fun!)

    Your icecream roll looks absolutely *perfect!!* I have images of trying to make one for Christmas once, and it coming out cracked and broken. Yours should be in a Real Simple magazine. Love it!

  2. I really think drinking more water is all about getting into the habit… To help me create the “habit” I bought a cute water bottle and I carry it around everywhere. It is such a habit now that I will actually turn around and go get it if I forgot it. It’s like carrying chapstick or gum 😉

    Both desserts look INCREDIBLE!!! I don’t know how you resisted the bundt cake!

  3. Love your blog by the way girl 🙂

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