Lovin’ the Simple Things — A Fresh Snowfall

As the sun rises over the forest, it shines through the trees and sparkles over the snow like thousands of precious gems.  The wind, once howling with an incredible intensity, disappears; and the blanket of white coats the neighborhood in pure silence.  It is the morning after a snowfall; and while my first instinct is to complain about the deep chill, the snow that needs shoveling, and the messy roads, I know that this too can be a simple moment to enjoy.

The winter wonderland — fresh and beautiful — is just begging to be explored.  It brings about a sense of curiosity.  What new things are there to see?

Familiar places that I have passed time and time again without a second glance, now cause me to stop in awe.  The trees seem more majestic as they rise over the snowdrifts….  The sky is a brighter blue against the white backdrop… 

It’s an excuse to bundle  up in colorful hats, scarves, and mittens….

…to drink mugs of hot cocoa, topped with caps of fluffy whipped cream…

… and to just sit back and enjoy the beauty.

Yes, the snow can be a hindrance, and I won’t promise that I’ll never complain about it again.  🙂  But it is beautiful and — yes– maybe it does provide some simple moments to be loved.

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One Response to Lovin’ the Simple Things — A Fresh Snowfall

  1. So. Very. Beautiful. I love the day after a snowfall and you explained it perfectly. 😀

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