Mission: Martha

So this week I did absolutely nothing creative.  Well, I suppose cooking and writing can maybe fall into the creative category, and – if so – I can give myself credit for that.  But I did absolutely no decorating or sewing.  I didn’t even go window shopping for ideas.  This mission may be more difficult than I imagined. 

Sooo, I have decided to compile a list of things that I would like to accomplish this year.  Maybe if I have a checklist, I’ll get motivated to begin my journey to find my creative side. 

Some things that I would like to do this year are:

Sew a pillow for our couch (which we haven’t bought yet)  😉

Take a home decorating class

Decorate a cake (and maybe take a cake decorating class)

Make a fruit basket by carving out a watermelon

Decorate the bedroom

Decorate both the first floor and second floor bathrooms

Save up for and buy a sewing machine

Sew a toy for the kitties

Plant a flower garden

Host a brunch

Grow an herb garden

Make a Bundt cake (I’ve never done it!)

Go all out and decorate for a holiday

Make a wreath for our front door

Wrap a gift so that it’s almost too pretty to open

Create and send a homemade card

Learn how to fold napkins for pretty presentations

Make homemade cat treats

Make at least one Martha Stewart craft a month

…. Etc…

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3 Responses to Mission: Martha

  1. Great list! I just made a list of new projects to take up this week a couple of days ago and emailed it to myself so I didn’t forget – ha. You know it’s bad when life is so busy that you’re scheduling creative releases. 🙂

  2. kate200 says:

    Gee – that’s a daunting list! Why not start with the Bundt cake? They’re so easy! Particularly when using silicone bakeware instead of tin. As it happens, I just made a banana cake in my Bundt pan – a great way of using up going-brown bananas.

  3. Oh, I totally want to join you when you make a fruit basket out of a watermelon!!! I’ve always wanted to do that too. 😀

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