Shapin’ Up: Gimme the Veggies!

Soooo, you’re probably asking yourself when I’m going to finally add exercise to my shaping-up goals.  🙂  I purposely picked a goal other than cardio this week, because I have an extremely busy week at work ahead of me.  It’s the type of craziness that makes you panic when you realize that you’re going to have to find time to eat, never mind do the dishes, cleaning, and grocery list.  😉  Since I won’t be home until late most nights — and I’m already getting up earlier than I care to — the cardio is going to wait one more week.

So I am dedicating one more week to preparing for the exercising.  (Don’t get me wrong though. I’m going to cheat and do as much exercising as I have time for.  I’ve been doing some extra stair-climbing at work during my breaks, and I’ll do my best to fit in a walk or two this weekend.  Does briskly walking through a store in anticipation of sales count as exercising?  I’ve made plans with a friend that I haven’t seen in awhile to do some window shopping on Saturday).  But this week’s official goal will be to add extra fruits and veggies to my diet. 

I find that the better I eat, the more I want to exercise.  It’s like laziness:  the less you do, the more you want to do nothing.  Well, if I’m eating  junkfood, I have absolutely no motivation to work out.  But the more I add the fruits and veggies to my diet, the more I want to be healthy, fit, and active. 

Tonight I started with a HUGE, tossed green salad and served it with a chili that was filled with beans and tomatoes.  So I think I have a pretty good start.  The real challenge will be to add the carrot sticks or green pepper strips throughout the course of the day.  I will say this — the presentation and convenience is key.  If the carrot sticks are already peeled and in a baggie just waiting for me to grab them, I probably will eat them more often.  And the assortment of colors available don’t hurt either.  There was a plum in my fridge that was just begging me to take a bite.  So I did and it was SO satisfying.  I’m all for picking out the the most colorful veggies and fruits I possibly can!! 

Shapin’ Up: Water — Update:    Last week’s goal was to drink more water, and although I still need to add another cup or two every day, I’m shocked at how quickly that drinking water becomes habit.  I kept a water bottle by me at all times, and I found myself automatically reaching for it throughout the day.   I’ve definitely almost reached this goal!!

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2 Responses to Shapin’ Up: Gimme the Veggies!

  1. Ahh…so jealous that you guys have *plums*!! So yummy! I think it’s been a year since I had one last which is just way too long. 😀

    I love all the mini-goals you’re setting for yourself!! And I totally feel that window-shopping is a form of exercise. Sometimes I find the more I exercise, the less *active* I am because I feel that I already exercised and don’t need to move as much. But if I didn’t exercise that day, I’m more conscious of moving around, taking stairs, parking farther, etc which keeps me more active throughout the day. Weird, but true. :mrgreen:

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Haleigh says:

    Good luck on your shape up goals! I too am trying to shape up for the upcoming warmer months. The cold winter left me with a little extra around the middle :/

    I think it’s great that you are slowly getting into exercise. That’s the best way.. if you dive in head first, more often than not.. you get burnt out.

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