A Busy Girl Has to Eat: Pizza

I came home from work and paused a moment, wondering if it had been a bad day or if — in some strange way — the hectic pace had been enjoyable.  I was too tired to really figure it out and haven’t given it much thought since…  Well, not much thought until now, obviously.

Movies romanticize the career woman.  I can picture it now… Kate Hudson strutting down the sidewalk in her adorable heals, chatting on her cell phone and — with her other hand — holding a Starbucks Coffee.  She skips up a few stairs and soon finds herself in her office, which is decorated to perfection.  Sliding into her office chair, she kicks off her heels and sets her coffee down on the desk… a desk completely free of any kind of clutter.

Then, flash into reality… My reality at the office.  😉  Papers are flying everywhere and landing wherever they may on my desk.  The phone is ringing off the hook.  And my beverage is a little styrophone cup filled with a very strong — but obviously not Starbucks — brew. 

The highlight of my day was actually a wrong number that I dialed.  I reached an older woman who obviously did  not owe my company any money, nor had she ever heard of the security services we provided.  She was concerned that she was the victim of security fraud, and I spent a few moments to assure her that I was not trying to collect money from her — I had just dialed a wrong number.  Most people would have just hung up the phone.  But she wanted to talk!  🙂  Before long, I knew that she had lived in the little apartment for 14 years, had two kittens, and was caring for a sick brother.  She was so lonely that I forgot — in the few minutes that I was on the phone with  her — that I had a conference call to get ready for or even a refund that needed filing within ten minutes.  She reminded me that sometimes you do just need to slow down and focus on the people around you, even if it’s ‘just’ an elderly woman on the other line who’s desperate for a friend.

By the end of the day, I did find that I was exhausted.  Tuesdays are usually fish nights, but I had little motivation to put together the marinade and bake the salmon.  Sooo, I made use of the grinder rolls that I had recently taken out of the freezer to make a grown-up’s version of little pizzas.

First, broil the bread so that it’s crisp:

 Spread on some pizza sauce that has been pre-warmed (I found an all-natural pizza sauce that’s really good, although I’d really like to make one from scratch next time).

Then, add whatever toppings you want!! 

I served pear slices and carrot sticks on the side for some c*r*u*n*c*h, as my sister would say.  🙂

The weatherman is calling for a mix of snow and rain during the next four days, so here’s to hoping that we won’t get an ice storm like last year!

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2 Responses to A Busy Girl Has to Eat: Pizza

  1. Katie says:

    What a good idea to use the bread! I will have to try this next time I’m not feeling like whipping up a big deal for dinner!

  2. Gotta have that c*r*u*n*c*h! 😀

    The pizza looks awesome and so simple to make. Love it!

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