Oh Spring, Where are You?

The snow flurries started to fall last night, as the weathermen had predicted.  But what I had thought would be a dusting and a slightly messy road, turned into about a foot of snow.  How naive I was when I woke up this morning and peaked out the window.  The fierce wind had slammed snow into the windows until it stuck and nearly blocked my view completely.  I opened the front door to nearly white-out conditions, and my spring fever quickly flared to new heights.  Yesterday had been so sunny and had me dreaming of flip-flops and sunglasses.  Today, it was all about bundling up and trying to somehow get to work without being too much of a mess. 

My husband had the day off from work, and I had every intention of letting him sleep in.  Honestly!!  I wasn’t the least bit jealous that I was about to step out into a freezing, winter wonderland; while he was still snuggled up in bed.  But as the snow continued to fall and my little yellow car  began to disappear into the white abyss, I grew desperate and decided that it was time to call in the extra help.  There was no way that I would get to work on time — or today, for that matter — if I were to shovel myself out.  Nate didn’t have to be asked twice and immediately went outside to help me shovel my car out.  What a guy I have!!! 

It was a very heavy, wet snow… perfect for throwing snowballs at your husband, I must add.  🙂  (Hey, I missed every time anyway.  I need to work on my aim!).   🙂

As always, the snowy conditions made me feel like baking.  I have come to the conclusion that if I lived in Alaska, I would probably be baking and eating all the time.  😉  My office desk  is near a window that is nearly floor to ceiling, so I had an amazing view of the huge snowflakes all day long.  In between phone-calls, I found myself lost in thought; as I couldn’t help imagining sugar cookies sprinkled with sparkly sugar, warm gingerbread pancakes, and even mugs filled to the brim with hot chocolate.  What can I say?  Snowy weather makes me want to cook!   Tonight, I decided to keep my baking energies on a healthy playing field!

Cold weather might make me want to bake some yummy treats, but it also makes me crave vegetables.  Tonight, I craved a veggie stir-fry.  I love fresh veggies in the winter, because they somehow make it summer in my kitchen… even if it’s blistery outside.  To go with the sautéed veggies, I baked some sweet potatoes and broiled a salmon fillet.  Completely satisfying!!

I can’t help but post this picture of the kitties.  They curiously stuck their heads out the door as I was taking a look outside this morning.  They are so cute sometimes!

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3 Responses to Oh Spring, Where are You?

  1. Katie says:

    Oooh I love kitty pictures!! My camera is always full of them and I have to use all my restraint not to put them all on my blog. Haha – I’m officially the cat lady.

  2. Haha…the kittie picture made me smile. I love seeing them on the blog. 😀

    The snowstorm was *crazy*.

  3. Pastor j says:

    What a snowstorm indeed! It took me three hours to snowblow our driveways. I was drenched through four layers by the time I was done!

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