Healthy Eats: Yummy or Funky — Annie’s Mac’n Cheese

A popular busy-day meal at my house has always been macaroni and cheese.  It’s like comfort food in a box and cooks up in fifteen minutes or less.  What’s not to love?  Well, since you asked, I’ll tell you. 🙂  There are preservatives and ingredients that you can’t pronounce unless you’re a scientist.  I’ve really been trying to introduce more natural, preservative free foods into our diet, so I was excited to hear about Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese.  With the promise of nothing artificial, I had to test it in the kitchen and see if it made it past the taste challenge!

Making the macaroni was the same as any other boxed mac’n cheese — boil the pasta, pour in the dried cheese mix, and stir in a bit of milk (or plain yogurt for a tangier taste).  I found the end result to be very tasty, and I felt good knowing that it was a more natural version.  I could easily switch this for any other boxed macaroni and cheese I’ve eaten in the past.  It was tangier than most flavors I’ve tried before, but it wasn’t a bad difference.  My husband wasn’t quite so pleased.  He assured me that he’d love to eat healthier too but that he just didn’t want to have to eat this macaroni and cheese.  He thought it was bland and left a weird after-taste.  (I’m not convinced that he didn’t just eat a bad piece of broccoli).  😉 

Sooo, once again, a food has passed my taste buds but has not met with my husband’s standards.  What can I say?  When he gives his approval, the food will probably be really amazing.  🙂 At least he’s being a good sport and trying the new foods with me! 

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6 Responses to Healthy Eats: Yummy or Funky — Annie’s Mac’n Cheese

  1. Katie says:

    I love bulking up mac ‘n cheese with veggies, and adding different things – and like you, my husband doesn’t really appreciate it…yet. 😉

  2. Haleigh says:

    Annie’s mac & cheese is about as close as you can get to the good stuff of our childhood. I really enjoy the taste of them. I usually add a little spinach or something to them to bulk it up too.

  3. Yum…I love Annies. I like adding tuna and mixed veggies to make a faux tuna casserole. 😀

  4. Jamie says:

    I’d agree with the others; maybe you could try adding some spices or veggies to the mix? Although then maybe your husband wouldn’t consider it mac & cheese anymore 😉 looks like you need to make a box of kraft for him and annie’s for you!

  5. I think Annie’s is great, but my boyfriend feels the same way that your husband does- just give me Kraft!
    Such a comforting and easy meal!

  6. lisaou11 says:

    My man said the same thing about that Mac & Cheese :). So hard to please 🙂

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