Enjoyin’ the Simple Things: Cookbooks


If given the choice between instant gratification or delayed, I will choose the latter almost every time.  For me, the excitement of waiting is nearly as enjoyable as the end result itself.  There’s nothing like looking ahead and eagerly awaiting the arrival of something I’m excited about.  Somehow, it extends and amplifies the goodness.

What’s not easy is putting aside my brand-new Taste of Home cookbook.  I found it today at a TJ Max as my sister and I were walking through the aisles and sipping our Starbucks coffees (a must-have beverage for any sister shopping trip).  The book was half the price it normally is and one can never have too many cookbooks… ever!  Cookbooks are purchases that never stop giving.  There’s always a new recipe to try, tweak, or share.  But for me, the best moment is that first time I flip through its pages.  I find a cozy spot to read and run my eyes over the pages, looking for new meal ideas or treats to bake.  It’s like going on a treasure hunt, except there’s gold on every page.  Yes, I love cookbooks!

So it was very difficult for me not to race through the book tonight.  But Nate and I already had plans, so I made the decision to hold off on looking at the cookbook for now.  So hard, but it will be worth it.   Some things are just too good to rush through.

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One Response to Enjoyin’ the Simple Things: Cookbooks

  1. I have *such* a hard time waiting for things like that, but you’re right…the anticipation can be just as exciting, so why not extend that time? 😀

    Can’t wait to see what you cook up from the new cookbook! 😀

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