Shapin’ Up: Gotta get Movin’

This week’s goal is to start getting more active.  I am counting down the days until the time change, because it will mean that I just might be able to sneak in a run before spring actually hits.  For now, I am trying to be creative in my approach, as I don’t have access to a gym or to the great outdoors.  (Although tonight, I did go for a brisk walk with Nate, because the sun held on just long enough for us to quickly make our way around the neighborhood.  So refreshing!!). 

One of my favorite forms of cardio — if I’m stuck inside — is Tae Bo.  Granted, I like running better, because then I’m able to choose my pace.  When doing Tae Bo,  you’re following a quick pace and just when you get into the rhythm, then comes double time…  I somehow feel terrified as though if I dare slow down or walk in place to catch my breath, Billy Blanks will jump out of the screen and yell into my face with all his fierceness.  No, slowing down is not an option.  And the only other catch is that I seem to become the entertainment of the evening whenever I pop in a video.  Nate can’t hide his grin as I kick and punch at some unseen enemy, and the cats always pick a comfy corner and watch in utter amazement at my ‘silly antics.’  But when it’s all said and done, the only thing that matters is that I’m sweaty and my muscles are really feeling exercised.  🙂

So, you might be wondering, why didn’t you label this blog “Gotta get into Cardio.”  I think I’m saving that for when I begin running again.  That’s when I’ll really begin to challenge and push myself when it comes to exercise.  Right now, I just gotta get movin’.

I’m talking about the simple steps we can take every day, even when there isn’t time to go for a run.  … like jump roping in the basement… taking the stairs at work… sneaking in a quick walk during lunch break or before the sun sets…running around the house with a string and letting the cats get some exercise too.  (The kitties are becoming quite fond of this activity).

Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make the difference.  Ohhhh, but I can’t wait to start running again!  🙂

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2 Responses to Shapin’ Up: Gotta get Movin’

  1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned with *not* being able to run, it’s that there definitely are a *ton* of other ways to stay in just as good shape while still having fun. 😀 Tae Bo sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to join you in it one of these times. 😀

    But I totally know what you mean. There’s just something special about running. 😀

  2. That’s so awesome that you’re open and dedicated to other forms of exercise! It’s so easy to just blow it off when you can’t do your preferred cardio, but Tae Bo is so so fun and challenging! Way to go for getting more active and trying new things!
    And it really is about the small, manageable steps you take rather than the hour long workout. Each little thing not only makes you feel better, but it makes you feel committed to taking care of yourself physically.
    I think I might try doing Tae Bo this week! THanks for the inspiration!

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