Just One of Those Days

Today was just one of those days…    It wasn’t super bad, but wasn’t very good either, so it was more like a ‘blah’ day than anything else. (Which is better than having an ‘awful’ day, so — hey — I’m not complaining!).  It was the silly things that got to me, which is only proof that I need to have a relaxing, me-day (one day left to go until it’s here!). 

When I woke up, I felt groggy and had to pull myself out of bed and into the shower… spent way too long in the bathroom getting ready, so all I had time for afterward was to make a cup of tea for the road. Accidentally, I left the tea at home, along with my lunch.  That didn’t get me too down, since I live close enough that I could come home for lunch.  So that’s what I did!  As I was eating my lunch, Nate — realizing that I was having a ‘blah’ day — gave me a couple of dollars to buy a coffee.  But I realized, on my way to work, that I was out of gum and couldn’t afford a coffee AND gum. (And I needed gum to follow the coffee because I had a board meeting to go to this afternoon, and coffee breath wouldn’t be appreciated).  ***Pause for a breath, because I am writing as fast as I usually talk ***So I decided to use one of my dollars to buy some mints from a machine at work and planned on buying a cheaper caffeteria coffee.  I could afford both.  Except my dollar got stuck in the machine so now I was short a dollar, still had no gum or mints, and now couldn’t buy a coffee or else I would have coffee breath.  Yep, just one of those days.

I came home pretty exhausted and walked into the kitchen…  There was my husband, just finishing up dinner.  He had made pan-fried pork chops (find the recipe on Cookinglight.com), sauteed green beans, and stuffing.  It was AMAZING and so nice to not have to cook tonight.  Ya know, today ended up to be one of those good days… 🙂  After all, all is well that ends well.  Thank God for an amazing husband like Nate!

Sorry for another short post…  Work has been crazy busy.  I’ll do better this weekend. 🙂

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2 Responses to Just One of Those Days

  1. What a man! :mrgreen: Seriously, it must have been so nice to walk in and see a healthy meal sitting on the table after a long, crazy day.

    It’s funny that you had “one of those days” because I kind of did too. I’ve been sleepy all day and just kind of…blah. I think you should definitely treat yourself to a cup of coffee tomorrow. A *good* cup of coffee. 😀

  2. lisaou11 says:

    what a nice thing to come home to! That had to make you smile!

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