Every year, as the sun’s rays become warmer and the snow slowly melts from the lawns, I eagerly look forward to the first robin sighting.  For me, that first glimpse of the orange-bellied bird means spring.  It doesn’t matter how cold, rainy, or snowy it might be.  If I see a robin, that means winter is done.

This year, spring means flies.  My house has tons of flies.  Well, okay, that is a slight exaggeration; but to me, if I see ten flies circling around the ceiling — well — that’s nine too many flies.  My husband and I have been assured by other, first-time home-buyers that foreclosed homes generally have such problems the first year, because the house has been closed up for so long.  The thing that I find unfair is that these people had a lot of lady-bugs.  Really, I think I would have preferred lady-bugs over flies.  At least lady-bugs are kind of cute.

Anyway, my cats have become expert fly catchers.  Stitchy — my little gray kitty — catches them, and then Highstreet, tagging along in the background, comes along and eats them.  I’m not sure if I should be grateful or disgusted.  I guess they just enjoy snacks with a c*r*u*n*c*h too.  Ugh! 



 I am already getting ready for a major, spring cleaning.  I can’t wait to open all the windows and to let all that fresh air flow through the house.  The windows have been closed for too long!  I’m going to polish the wood floors until they shine and scrub the cabinets until they smell like fresh lemon.  … and send those flies packing!  🙂

I’ve been looking for some artwork for the dining room as of late and hopefully will have something before too long.  It’s an interesting dilemma, because while I’d love to have something cheery hanging on the dining room wall, I also don’t want to rush it.  I want it to be just right!


 I can’t believe that my husband and I have only lived in this house for two months now.  On one hand, it feels as though we’ve been here forever, but — on the other hand — the memories are just beginning.  A house really doesn’t become a home until you’ve been there for awhile… until you’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly together.  (Guess the flies can count as the ugly).  😉  And I know that once we start adding our own touches, it will feel even more like a home!

But in the meantime, home is where I’m with my husband, my two cats… and our ten flies.  🙂

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4 Responses to Spring

  1. lisaou11 says:

    your cats look like a lot of fun! I miss having a cat. Someday!

    I feel some Spring Cleaning coming on next week!

  2. Haha…Stitch is such an acrobat. Look at him hanging on to that window in his attempt to catch flies. :mrgreen:

    I can not wait for spring and sunny, warm weather. Mmm…love it! 😀

  3. Stitchy is adorable!!
    And you’re so right about the memories created in a house being what makes it a home. It’s so exciting for you to be starting this new journey in your new home. I love your kitchen table- all the natural light from the glass doors, and the beautiful fresh flowers!

  4. Katie says:

    My kitties are expert bug catchers also…once it was a mouse! Glad to have them around. 🙂 I love your ideas about making a house a home, I couldn’t agree more!

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