Sweet Potato!

Sarah from www.slowthingsdown.wordpress.com created a sweet potato challenge that I decided to take to the next level.  😉  No more playing it safe for me!  I had this vision of sorts…  If pumpkin can be so amazing in smoothies, then why can’t sweet potatoes join in some of the frothy goodness?  Why can’t there be a sweet potato smoothie?

Sweet Potato Smoothie

1/2 cup sweet potato (baked and chilled)

— Cup milk

–Frozen banana

—5-6 ice cubes

— 2 tablespoons sunflower butter

— 1/4 tsp cinnamon

— sprinkler of nutmeg

— drop of nutmeg

Toss everything into the blender, smoothie it up until its frothy, and enjoy!

To be completely honest, I’m not even sure if I liked it, so — unless you’re feeling strangely adventurous — please don’t try it.  🙂  I was impressed with how smooth and creamy the drink became, and it was a great energy booster.  But I wonder if food is like clothes. When you’re shopping, you’re not supposed to buy an outfit if you have to ask someone else, “Does this look good on me?”  If it’s right for you, you’ll know!  Does the same run true for food?  You shouldn’t eat it if you’re not sure if you like it.  Ha, ha.  It wasn’t completely gross… or was it?  I think that I’ll stick to my fruit smoothies from now on.

Tonight I made a stir-fry for dinner… The recipe called for Hoisin sauce, which I had never used previously; and I nearly laughed when I realized that the third ingredient in this sauce was sweet potato.  If I had known that previously, I would have found a creative way to use Hoisin sauce.  Or wait, maybe that wouldn’t count as a creative way to use a sweet potato?  All I can say is that desperate times call for despearate meaures.  And after drinking my sweet potato smoothie, I did feel a little bit desperate…

Anyway, the stir-fry actually wasn’t too bad…  The veggies and beef were sauteed in a marinade of orange juice, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic, cornstarch, and a bit of red pepper.  I’m still searching for an amazing stir-fry recipe that has baby corn, water chestnuts, and pea pods.  This wasn’t quite it…  Hmmm, maybe the dinner itself would have been good with some sweet potato cubes?  Okay, maybe now I’m pushing it?!?  Although I will say this… I really could go for some sweet potato fries right now.  Sometimes, you just can’t beat sweet potato perfection and sweet potato fries are where its at!


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3 Responses to Sweet Potato!

  1. Hahaha I love how creative you got with your sweet potato usage! I actually think the smoothie sounds good!! And everything looks delicious!

  2. I think the smoothie sounds awesome! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a sweet potato smoothie. I’m definitely trying it out next week. 😀

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