Operation: Craft Room

While I was at work, my husband cleaned the house from top to bottom.  I’m talking about floors being scrubbed, unpacked boxes being put away, rugs being vacuumed and dishes being washed.  I walked into a home that sparkled…  And with the windows being opened and the cool, spring-like breeze blowing through the rooms, the house felt amazingly clean and oh-so-fresh. 

I skipped upstairs to change out of my work clothes and peaked into the second bedroom.  It’s a smaller room than the master bedroom, but just as sunny.  Two large windows face the front yard, a grassy field, and a never-ending, brilliant blue sky.  The white walls are a blank slate, just waiting for a splash of color.  Just yesterday, that room was filled with stacks of cardboard boxes, exercise balls, and crates of summer clothes.  You couldn’t walk through it without tripping on something or stubbing your toe.  As I am already recovering from a sprained toe, it was a risk I have not taken these past few days.  In fact, I had pretty much forgotten that the room existed until today.  Because today, it’s completely empty…  

And that means, today I have a craft room.

As my husband and I currently have no need for three bedrooms, I kindly volunteered to put our second bedroom to good use.  With me and my sister attempting to find our creative side, it will be so nice to have a space we can use for anything glitter, paint, or fabric.  And the room in itself can be a craft project.  Did I mention that it’s white, white, white?  Hmmm, not for long!

To get me started on my crafting endeavors, one of my friends passed along some items that she no longer needs.  I’m talking beautiful baskets, warm-colored silk flowers, glass vases, candle holders, and tin milk cans.  It’s the perfect start to an empty craft room just begging to be filled with color, creativity… and kittens?  Stitchy fell in love with a fall wreath full of pumpkins, berries, and cattails.  Well, now there’s a room picked out.  Now let the crafting begin!  🙂

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2 Responses to Operation: Craft Room

  1. Oh my goodness…haha…look at that little face on Stitch. He never fails to make me smile. 😀

    I’m so excited about the craft room! There is going to be so much imagination and creative ideas floating around in that room. 😀

  2. What a difference spring cleaning makes! Your husband is a miracle worker!
    I’m so happy to hear you’re starting a craft room. I love love love arts and crafts and always dream of having my own space one day to create things. Good for you!!

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