A Walk Through the Woods

It’s always interests me to explore my favorite tourist hot-spots during the off-season.  Sure, some of the excitement is missing, as many of the restaurants are closed, people are absent, and shops are ‘hybernating.’  Many of the interesting sights, tantalizing smells, and quirky gift shops are out of the equation… There is no hustle-and-bustle. It’s quiet and still.  And often the area looks completely different as it is so out of character.  But it makes for an intriguing photo shoot and a quieter afternoon.  Sometimes, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, quiet is just what I need!

As my husband worked until the later portion of the afternoon, taking a drive to one of the coastal towns was out of the question.  So we explored an area much closer to home: a campground.  During the summer, when walking through this wooded forest, one can smell the comforting scent of campfires and the delectable foods being grilled on them.  Tents hide among the trees, children laugh as they ride by on their bikes, and the jingle of the icecream truck resounds across the lake.  (My husband and I have totally run up to that said truck and waited in line for our icecream… just like all the other excited kids.  Yeah, some people just never grow up).

But right now, with the spring thaw just arriving and the nights still bitter cold, there is a quiet…  There is only the sound of birds and rustling streams…  You can smell the pine…  Squirrels chase each other through the tall trees. It’s a different place.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a better place, because the campground holds so much cheer and excitement in the summer.  But the difference is welcoming at this time of year.  After our walk, I felt so refreshed and energized.  Is there anything more perfect than God’s creation to make you forget about the craziness of a busy work-week?  Hmmm, I doubt it!

Some pics so that I can share some of my walk with you… 🙂


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2 Responses to A Walk Through the Woods

  1. These pictures are stunning! And the picture of the picnic table makes me unbelievably excited for the warm weather to arrive. 😀

  2. Wow this is an absolutely perfect post- I love the nostalgia of a campground and the peacefulness of nature. Thanks for bringing me back to happy memories!!
    You’re so admirable for taking a moment (a beautiful, “simple moment”) to stop and marvel at some of life’s gifts. I love this blog.

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