Kitty Baths

My poor kitty Stitch has a stubborn case of ringworm.  He had it when we brought him home from the shelter, and now — nearly two years later — it has flared up and caused him to lose a lot of fur.  The veterinarian said that if we want to help him get over this, we need to give him four baths… a week.  And because our other cat Highstreet could be carrying the ringworm, we need to give him four baths… a week.  Gosh, I’m lucky if I have time to take one bubble bath a month.  😉

Now, my husband and I are planning our weekly schedules around their baths.  What should I make for dinner on Monday night?  Oh, something quick because we need to give the cats a bath.  What time should we go over my parents’ house for Easter?  Well, not before the kitties have had their baths.  It’s quite the process, because the shampoo needs to sit on their fur for 8 minutes before we can rinse it off.  Poor Stitch cries the entire time and looks up at me with wide eyes as if to ask, “Mummy, why do you do this to me?”  How my heart breaks! 

The veterinarian also said that we need to make sure Stitch is in a stress-free environment.  I had to keep myself from laughing when she said that, because our kittens have it better than the Queen of England.  They are that pampered.  And now, they not only have the run of the house, but they also have my husband and I walking on egg-shells.  If Nate scolds them for jumping on the counter, I quickly exclaim, “Nate, be careful, you can’t stress them out!”  And heaven forbid I practice piano too loudly.  I mean, we might disturb their sleep.

It’s a good thing they’re cute!

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4 Responses to Kitty Baths

  1. That picture of Stitch is so sad but makes me laugh all at the same time. Poor little guy. They’re going to be sooo happy when this is all over (you and Nate will too 😉 )

  2. Oh my goodness, poor kitties and poor you! I’m simultaneously laughing and feeling sorry for Stitch! I hope you get your own bubble bath at the end of this!!

  3. lisaou11 says:

    oh no thats like kitty tortue! 😦

  4. Katie says:

    Oh know! Poor kitties, that’s awful, I bet they just HATE those baths. My kitty had ringworm a few months ago…and it grossed me out SO much, I couldn’t even look at her – blech. At the time, we couldn’t afford a trip to the vet, so I just prayed for her…hah, there was no way I was touching that nastiness to give her a bath (plus, I didn’t know that’s what you were supposed to do!! Yikes!)

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