Flowers, shopping, and grills

My husband came home with a little Easter present the other day — a large pot of yellow, white, and pink daisies.  I happily thanked him for the beautiful surprise and promised to not kill these flowers… too.  No, these flowers would have a different fate than the mums, the violets, and the daffodils.  This was my time to shine — My time to prove that I have a green thumb hiding somewhere!

Fast forward to today…  I stepped into the kitchen and noticed that the flowers were a little droopy and the leaves wilted.  My first defensive thought was, “But I haven’t even touched them yet!”  That’s when it dawned on me that maybe my not touching them was the problem.  I do remember learning in school that plants like to be watered occasionally.  😉  So, I stuck the pot in the sink, gave it a little shower, and then hid it in a corner so that my husband wouldn’t see the droopy mess when he came home. 

While my plant was soaking up the water, my sister and I spent the day s*h*o*p*p*i*n*g!  🙂  We didn’t spend a cent, except for the iced coffees we picked up from Starbucks.  But window-shopping can be just as fun, and it is free.  We found some great ideas for my house and for her bedroom.  One of the highlights of the day was my picking out the color swatches for the house!!  All three are from Martha Stewart’s line as I decided that you just can’t go wrong if you pick Martha!  The yellow is for the downstairs bathroom, the blue for the bedroom, and the green for the upstairs bathroom. (Although I’m torn between Martha’s green and Ty Pennington’s green, which I found at Sears.  How can you choose between Martha and Ty?). 

Afterward, while doing some yardwork, I came upon a surprise!  Remember how three of the plants in our front yard resembled heaps of hay?  It dawned on me that this was the dead plant left over from last year.  (Hey, I told you I don’t have a green thumb.  So — yes — it took me a little bit longer to realize this).  😉  Anyway, I pulled aside the hay and the ugly, brown twigs.  And there, underneath, were little green plants growing up out of the ground.  My guess is that I have either tulips or daffodils growing in my yard!!  I am so excited and can’t wait to find out which flower I’ll see in about a month!

Tonight my husband and I went on a date… just a fun, casual date appropriate for t-shirts and flip flops, a trip to Home Depot, and dinner at Boston Market.  🙂  I do love elegant dates that call for heels and fancy dining, but sometimes there’s nothing better than just going out and having a simple night out.  My Memere and Pepere had given us money to buy a grill, so we were able to pick one out during our travels.  Guess what we’ll be having next weekend for lunch?  Cheeseburgers on the grill!!

Oh, and the flowers are looking very bright and happy now.  🙂  Guess they were just thirsty.  Hmmm, what a great day!!

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3 Responses to Flowers, shopping, and grills

  1. lisaou11 says:

    what a thoughtful hubby you have! Another loving simple moments moment right there 🙂

  2. caralinruth says:

    I’m the exact same way with plants. My parents and one of my brothers are big into gardening, but my domestic interests seem relegated to the kitchen (not that that’s a bad thing!).

    Before my Christmas party this year, I went out and bought three plants that I SET into real planters to make it look like I could grow plants. I did finally plant them in the pots about three weeks later, and I’ve managed to keep them alive since then, which is pretty thrilling for me. Like you, I subscribe to the “water when it looks wilty” theory, and the poor things have had a couple of brushes with death when things got a little too droopy.

    I was so proud of myself, though, when one of the plants actually opened a flower (it had had flower buds before, but they’d always wilted off). I was away for four days at my parents’ house over Easter and was proudly telling everyone about my flower. Guess what I saw when I got back? My flowery plant had wilted!! I watered it right away, though, and it has perked back up, flower and all. *phew*!!

    Maybe hardy plants is the real key to good gardening. Hardy, and forgiving. 🙂

  3. caralinruth says:

    P.S. I love grilling. Mmm mmm grilling.

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