Now that Nate and I are home-owners, we have become fully aware of all the things we need to save up for.  There are the obvious things, such as the living room set and the curtains.  But there are the other things — like the lawnmower, the rakes, the shovels, and all the little tools or home decor items that are needed once you buy your own home.  It can be over-whelming… 

When we’re at Home Depot, my husband gets a depressed look on his face when he sees all of the things we need to buy in the near future.  (The list of items we will be borrowing from my dad has grown with each passing day).  😉  I comfort Nate, remind him that we have a life-time together to save up for everything.  I remind him that we can borrow a weed-wacker or the power tools that he needs to use. 

I’m all positive and upbeat, confident that this is how all young couples start out.  We’re not supposed to have everything all at once.  This is how things work… We ‘pay our dues,’ put in our time, save as best we can, and buy things a bit at a time.  I’m the perfect image of a supportive, encouraging wife.

Then, we go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond…  Suddenly I’m surrounded by curtains, fluffy bath towels, the cooking gadgets I’ve been doing without, and the cute accents I can imagine in our home.  Suddenly, I’m not so positive and upbeat.  I’m a tad bit crabby as I remind him that our friends — also young couples — have curtains at least… and a couch in their living room.  And it’s my husband who’s reminding me that we have time, and that I’ll decorate the house a bit at a time.  I’m not meant to finish everything over-night.  I mean, what’s the fun in that, right? 

It’s an interesting reversal of roles….  🙂

As of late, I have begun the frustrating exciting process of choosing a bedspread for the master bedroom. 

The shocking and frustrating aspect of the search has been the prices.  I mean, the money it would take to buy some of these bedspreads would buy us a lawnmower.  I’m serious — a lawnmower!  And we’ll need a lawnmower soon…  But at the same time, our current bedspread is ripped in places and one size too small.  It serves the purpose, but it’s a tad bit embarrassing when we show people the house and they see that ugly monstrosity hanging over the bed.  (Weird that I don’t mind not having a couch yet but it bothers me when people see the bedspread we have now).  🙂

Sooo, I was over-joyed when I found out that JCPenny is having a sale.  There are some really good prices, and here are my favorites…

I’ll hopefully be buying one this weekend… Which one is your favorite?  Right now, I’m leaning towards the bottom bedspread.  The master bedroom will eventually be a country blue, and I think brown would go nicely… And I like how fun and young it is, while still looking classy.

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7 Responses to Patience…

  1. lisaou11 says:

    I love your outlook on life—save up and pay your dues–itll happen for you!

    and i was definitely leaning towards the bottom one before you even said anything!

  2. I love the last bedspread too. Cute and country, but classy and young all at the same time. And it would look adorable with blue walls and maybe a blue pillow splashed here and there. Can’t wait to see which one you pick! 😀

  3. Jessie says:

    It’s tough being a young couple – my husband and I are so lucky to have his parents nearby that we can borrow tools and things from (and we have!). It’s hard not to be envious of friends, but I always try to remember that I’m a strong person who has a great husband 🙂

    I like the bottom one better, too – it’s gorgeous!

  4. Kaci Higgins says:

    I love this! My sis & I have had to shop for all this stuff for our house too, & we get sad when we can’t buy all the cute housewares stuff. lol You’re right though…it all comes in time. 🙂

  5. kate200 says:

    Sympathies! It’s so frustrating having to wait! (Been there, done that). The only pluses are: 1) that you have to choose your new purchases very, very carefully – and as a result are less likely to make hasty mistakes and 2) you really appreciate each new item as you get it. I am still seeing this for myself, as we renovate our home room by room, rather than in one big makeover. Each little development thrills us to bits – tiling! new faucets! paint! plasterwork! – whereas the golden glow would be long gone if we had splurged and had everything fixed up all at the same time.

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