Live Life Simply

A new week is ahead, and I have a lot of home-made cooking to make up for.  Last week wasn’t so great in that department.  It’s not like we were eating too bad considering…  Sure, the bottled spaghetti sauce was all-natural, as was the salad.  But it wasn’t really home-made.  To avoid another such week, I spent a bit of extra time on the grocery list this afternoon.  Hopefully I can pull a Rachel Ray and come up with some healthy, 30 minute home-cooked entrees for the upcoming busy days.  🙂

But before that, it was off to Starbucks to get an iced lattee with my sistah. 


We hit Walmart during our travels, and I came across the perfect door-mat.  It’s a natural green with purple accents…  And in deeper green lettering, it states, “Live Life Simply.”  If that’s not the theme of my blog, then I’m not sure what is.  So I had to buy it!  🙂  I think it’ll be a simple, yet special, addition to the home’s decor.

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2 Responses to Live Life Simply

  1. I *love* your rug. It’s so you in so many ways. 😀 Very stylish.

    I had fun yesterday!! It makes me so happy that we’ve moved on to iced lattes instead of hot. That’s how you know the warm weather is official. 😀

  2. love1025 says:

    i am craving starbucks now because of these delicious picks…thanks 🙂

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