A Shopping We Will Go

Each new season brings about more than just a change in the weather or appearance of the trees, land, and sky.  Each new season means a shopping trip with my mom and sister.  For months, I save every penny and refuse to spend a cent.  And then — on that fun-filled shopping day — I spend every bit.  🙂 

It’s  not that there isn’t a mall nearby at which I can find clothes between these trips.  But the closest mall is quite small, and the styles I like so much are harder to find here.  I’ve been trying to find clothes that fit my personal taste, rather than clothes that are just on sale and therefore desirable.  If I really don’t like it, I’m not going to buy it. 

 I know, I know.  Sounds like common sense.  But I used to buy things I really didn’t like, just because they were cheap.  I’d come home with a strange variety of colors, shapes, and styles; and couldn’t care less how everything looked.  I mean, I had saved money.  That’s all that mattered, right?

Now, I’m pickier.  I still bargain shop and look for my favorite clothes at cheaper prices.  But I allow myself to pick up the occasional splurge outfit as well.  The outfit that isn’t on sale; but that is cute, that is a real investment, and that will last some time.  I’m coming to find that quality is better than quantity.

Anyway, today was a bit of a dud as far as clothes go.  I’m not entirely excited about this year’s styles, at least not yet.    But I was very fond of the company.  There’s nothing like spending the day with my mom and sister.  So even if the shopping bags weren’t as exciting to open once I got home, the memories were as priceless.  As always, it was a day filled with good fun, good laughter, and good times.  Who could ask for anything more?  🙂

Afterward, I came home to a hungry husband, and I have to admit that I was quite hungry as well.  There’s nothing like a day of shopping to make feel hungry!  So I put together a chicken chow mein recipe that I found online.  It was a new one, but I have to admit that it was quite good.

Chicken Chow Mein

In a large skillet, sautee 1/4 cup chopped onion and 1 (4 oz) can mushroom stems and pieces in one tablespoon margarine.  Cut two chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces and brown in another skillet (coated in one tablespoon olive oil).  Once the onions are tender, add a cup of sliced celery, a cup of brean sprouts, 3 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon salt.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer uncovered for 15 minutes.

Blend 2 tablespoons cornstarch in 3 tablespoons water.  Add to the vegetable mixture, stirring constantly until boiling.  Stir in browned chicken.  Serve over rice and enjoy!

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3 Responses to A Shopping We Will Go

  1. Kate says:

    I can totally relate to the temptation to buy cheap clothes rather than the right clothes! How often I’ve later paid the price for my ‘thrift’!

    One of the acid tests I use now when contemplating a possible clothing purchase is to ask myself “How soon will I wear this garment?” If the answer is something vague and non-commital, I put the item back on the rack. If the answer is “I’m gonna wear it tomorrow, and as frequently as possible after that, I love it so much!” then it’s a keeper.

  2. Oh I completely understand what you mean about shopping- I have been guilty of buying things because they were on sale and they seemed like a great deal at the time! But you’re right- they’re not necessarily the most flattering things nor are they what I’d actually love to wear. So important to recognize that above all else, we should buy what makes us feel good and what we’re drawn to.

    Looks like a wonderful day overall! I love the chicken chow mein too! Great job on coming home tired and still preparing a delicious meal!

    Have a happy sunday, dear!!

  3. lisaou11 says:

    theres nothing worse than buying something just bc its cheap and you sort of like and then you get home and realize you dont like it much at all!

    i havent even looked at what is out in the stores right now–kind of dont want to since i dont have much extra money to be spending!

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