Waste Not One Second

As of late, I’ve been paying particular attention to the hours in my day and what I do with them.  I always thought that I was an organized person and that the mess that somehow managed to scatter itself throughout the house was the result of my busy schedule, the cats, and perhaps little goblins who live in the basement.  I can’t blame my husband, because he’s cleaner than I am.  He always finds the time to put everything back to its proper place, even if it’s a Tupperware dish that I absent-mindedly put in the drinking glass cabinet. (That’s unacceptable in his book)!

So I decided to find out what I did with my time each day.  And I decided to start putting everything away right when it needed to be put away.  No more waiting to do the dishes until the next morning.  No more hanging my coat on the side of the chair, even if I will be taking it out of the closet again in the near future.  And definitely no more neatly folding clothes and letting them stack up on the bedroom dresser, because the neat stacks soon become leaning towers.  Totally not acceptable!

And I was shocked to discover that I am not as organized and productive as I thought I was.  I have more free time during the day than I thought I did, although I’m usually exhausted from a busy day at work by the time that free time rolls around.  So I tend to drag my feet and suddenly the chores take twice as long.  But if I put my mind to it and just focus on getting things done right then and there, I suddenly don’t have as much to do on my free days.

Already today, I made my lunch for the day, did the dishes, and prepared a marinade for some chicken my husband can have for dinner.  (I have music practice at church tonight).  And then I began to think about how I could have prepared my lunch last night and thus had been able to get one more thing done.  …like writing a more interesting blog post.  😉

It’s all common sense, but so easy to just disregard. 

Well, I’m off to grab some of my cookbooks.  I think I’m going to do my grocery list during my lunchbreak at work today!

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2 Responses to Waste Not One Second

  1. I can be such a procastinor! I decided to start working on this with little things, like picking up after myself–starting with my bedroom. 😉 It makes a world of difference to just get things done, rather then daddling around like I normally do.

  2. lisaou11 says:

    this is inspiring and a nice kick in the butt bc i know i could benefit from doing some of those things right away!

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