The Healthy Choice


My sister let me borrow this bad boy, as I am lacking in the lite cookbook department.  It is currently sitting on my kitchen table, watching me whenever I enter the kitchen or prepare a meal.  Maybe I’m secretly hoping that it will have an affect on me, even before I begin cooking its lower-fat options.  Maybe it will motivate me to grab for the carrot sticks when I need something to munch on or to sip on a tall glass of water rather than reaching for a Dt. Coke.  (Which is currently not allowed in my kitchen as it is too great of a temptation for me, and I can resist it only if it’s not within reach).

But despite the influence this cookbook will have on my eating styles, I really think that the biggest step I can take right now to a healthier eating lifestyle will be to bring my husband on board.  He likes his junkfood.  Let’s be honest, we all do to some degree.  And although I’m the one who creates the grocery list each week, he does the grocery shopping.  He walks up and down the aisles, filled to the brim with munchies, icecream, and processed lunch options.  And usually, some of those items somehow fall into his shopping cart, roll into a grocery bag, and then end up on our kitchen table.  Oh, how the Cooking Light cookbook shakes its head in shame when it sees the bag of Doritos.

For the most part, I can resist the not-so-healthy choices, despite the fact that they’re in my kitchen.  But because they’re there and they’re easy to grab, I’m guilty of incorporating them into my husband’s lunches when I prepare them for him.  My thought is that he’d enjoy that bag of Doritos much more than a bag of carrot sticks.  I mean, seriously, is it even manly for a guy to carry around a bag  of carrot sticks?

YES!  It is and it’s so much healthier.  My guy is in his twenties, so he feels healthy and strong no matter what he eats.  But what we eat will catch up to us as we get older, and our lifestyle now really does affect our quality of life later.  And I’m not helping him by giving him all that junkfood for his lunches.  Even I’m guilty of grabbing a bit of this and a bunch of that for my lunches, because of time constraints.  But really, if I could get us to eat healthier lunch options — just like we’ve been doing for dinner — than we’d be eating pretty, crazy healthy.

Soooo, today’s grocery list is a bit different.  I put wheat spaghetti on the list rather than white.  (Oh how my husband will shudder when he reaches that part).  I added extra veggies, so that I can incorporate the raw, crunchy ruffage into our lunches.  There’s fruit, yogurt, and wheat crackers for snack items. 

Hmmm, this could be an interesting week.

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4 Responses to The Healthy Choice

  1. Yay for lots and lots of motivation! 😀 There are so many simple tricks to fit “healthy” into a normal diet that are tasty and fun.

    Right now I’m on a black bean dip kick with whole wheat pita bread dunked in. It’s especially good with the pitas toasted just a bit for crunch (especially with a bit of garlic powder sprinkled on…I love me some garlic powder. :mrgreen: )

    I hope you enjoy the cookbook! 😀

  2. This is the best! I just love the refreshing and motivating effect of having a fridge stocked with healthy and delicious ingredients. It really does make it a million times easier to cook delicious and nutritious meals. And seriously, thumbing through the pages of a healthy cookbook is so inspiring that you can’t help but think of more ways to include veggies. I like to think of it this way: what can I add to my diet that would be beneficial. Filling up naturally helps to push out the less than stellar ingredients. You don’t have as much room for the doritos- though they are so so great!!!

  3. lisaou11 says:

    im thankful that sean, my bf, likes to eat healthy–although veggies are defintitely something he DOESNT like. Good luck!

  4. love1025 says:

    some of those simple switches is really what makes the difference! keep it up and let us know how the week went girly!!

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