Dinner with the Jetsons

Have you  heard of the new Recipe Inspirations by McCormick?  They’re cards, found in the spice section of the supermarket, which contain perfectly measured portions of seasonings to make a particular recipe.  There are recipes ranging from quesadilla casseroles, to pork chops, to shrimp and linguine meals.  On the back, there is a recipe card, so that you can make the recipe over and over again.  (Not sure how McCormick plans to keep these selling that way, but I’m not complaining).  I first heard about them on a television commercial, and when I saw them first-hand, I HAD to try one.


I thought this was the ‘funnest’ thing I’ve seen in a long time.  You have to admit that this is absolutely cute and a bit ingenious.  I mean, what if you’re stranded in a hotel with a kitchenette and you happen to have hamburg, black beans, tomato sauce, and soft wraps… but no seasonings?  Aha, problem solved!  And what if your husband is baking dinner and he doesn’t know the difference between a tablespoon of chili powder and a teaspoon?  Aha, problem solved!  And what if you own a new home and you’re constantly out of the spices you need, and you’re always borrowing seasonings from your mom?  Aha!  Well, my problem is a work in process.  But anyway, this looked so fun!

So I gingerly grabbed one off the shelf, babbling a mile a minute to my husband about how we really needed to try this.  After all, this could be the beginning of something new for today’s cooks.  I’ll bet the mothers and grandmothers of yesterday had the same look on their faces when they saw the first boxed cakes and brownies.  This could be the future, and we could tell our grandchildren about how open-minded we had been to the change.

Nate agreed that we should try it, probably more or less because I was bouncing up and down with excitement.  That and he’s just a great guy.  🙂

I planned on making the meal last night, because I was crunched for time.  Yes, I was going to put this to the test.  Do these little packets of seasonings really save time?  Armed with my lite latte from Dunkies, I set out to make dinner, do the dishes, AND tidy the kitchen, all before my 7:15 hair appointment.

Did I get everything done?  Oh, yeah.  It’s amazing what a cup of caffeine can do for me!  (Just don’t expect to understand a word that I’m saying, as I really do talk a mile a minute afterward).  Did the recipe inspirations save me lots of time?  Not so much. I still had to brown the hamburg, chop the onion, drain the black beans, mix in the corn and tomato sauce.  I felt like I was making a real, home-made recipe, except I could skip the measuring of the seasonings.  But — hey — it was fun.  And you really can still make it your own by using low-sodium tomato sauce (which I did) or by substituting the hamburg for ground turkey.

And in the end, it was a tasty meal fit for a current family like me and my husband… or even a futuristic family like the Jetsons.  🙂  Who knows what McCormick will come up with next!

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One Response to Dinner with the Jetsons

  1. FUN! This post makes me want to go out and cook something. 😀

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