A Dating We Will Go

Yesterday was the five-year anniversary of when Nate asked me to be his girlfriend.  I can’t believe that we’ve been a couple for five years!  I remember that day as though it were yesterday…

I was a senior in college and had come home for the weekend.  After a delicious lunch at my parents’ house, Nate and I took a walk at a nearby State Forest.  It’s a beautiful area; full of winding dirt roads, thick forest, rippling brooks, and a lake that shimmers in the sunlight.  The weather that day was perfect, rather like yesterday, with its bright sunshine and gentle breeze.  As Nate and I walked along the dirt path, we talked about the future and how excited we were to be going on this adventure together.  As Nate had asked me to be his girlfriend while we were still in the parking lot (the guy couldn’t wait), we were official by this point.  And it felt incredible to be ‘official.’  We had been best friends for over a year and pretty much inseparable, so no one would be surprised.  Still, it meant a lot to me that we were now really going to move forward in our relationship.

Anyway, we came across a bridge in the middle of the woods, and that’s where we had our first kiss.  (Nate couldn’t wait for that either).  😉  It was short and sweet, but oh-so-perfect.  It would be my last, first kiss.  After all, I fell in love with and married the guy. 

So yesterday, to celebrate our five years, Nate and I took a walk down that same dirt road and crossed that same bridge.   I, being the silly romantic that I am, nearly burst into tears when Nate kissed me,  because it just hit me that we’ve come so far.  We’ve been married for almost two years now, and he really is my soul-mate and best friend.  And kissing him on that bridge made me think about that day — five years ago — when I was so timid and shy… and full of wonder at what the future would hold for us.  It really has turned out perfect…

Anyway, I apologize for the mushy stroll down memory lane, but I couldn’t help it.  Ha, ha.  Just wait until it’s my two-year marriage anniversary.  Sigh, bring out the tissues for that one…  What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic!

As Nate had the entire day off from work yesterday, he and I spent it doing things that we might have done when we were dating.  Seriously, to all you married couples out there (no matter how long or how short your marriage has been so far), I highly recommend doing this!  I think that the most special times Nate and I have had are when we don’t spend tons of money but instead spend the day doing fun activities together.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the occasional fancy meal!!  But eating at super fancy restaurants is probably not what you and your loved one were doing when you first started dating, especially if you were college students as Nate and I were.  You probably enjoyed the more simple things of life.  So why don’t you spend a day doing the things that made you fall in love?

Like making waffles together…  (I didn’t put enough batter, so we had a good laugh at how mine had holes in them.  Oops!).


Like going for a walk together…  Going for walks was a huge part of me and Nate’s dating relationship, because we both love the outdoors.  And it’s free! And the nice thing is that if you’re feeling motivated, you can climb a mountain and work those muscles!  Or you can pick a quaint town to walk through as you look at shops… or even go to the ocean (preferably off-season as that means less crowds) and walk across the sandy beach.  For me though, you can’t beat the beauty of a forest, especially when it holds so much nostalgia. 

To save money, Nate and I came home for lunch.  I had made a pot of chicken stew the day before, so we enjoyed that while sitting on our deck.  Again, simple but somehow so perfect!


To top off the day, we drove down to an Imax theater to see How to Train Your Dragon.  As Nate and I are both huge movie fans, this too was a huge part of our dating relationship.  🙂  We’d usually end up reading the book first (if there was a book) and would discuss how much we loved it or hated it.  And then we’d go see the movie and talk about how the book was 10 times better.  I’ll admit that we didn’t usually go see cartoons together; I kind of convinced Nate to do that with me after we were married.  Ha, ha.  But I had heard that it was a cute movie, which it was.  And it was in Imax AND it was 3d.  Besides, is there anything more flattering than a pair of 3-D glasses?  I think not! 

And so I challenge you.  Go on a date with your loved one and don’t focus on the money…  Focus on the simple things that made you fall in love.  🙂

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One Response to A Dating We Will Go

  1. This post is so refreshing and lovely in every which way. I’m not even dating a guy and I feel emotional…haha. 😉

    I’m so happy for you guys and CONGRATS on a 5-year anniversary of dating. 😀

    (p.s. Love that picture of you sitting on the deck…very pretty! And I love that Highstreet snuck into the pic…haha. 😀 )

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