Five Thoughts

#1.  Physical therapy went really well yesterday.  I’m not sure why I always walk into such sessions with such doubt.  I pretty much do it every time, and then — every time — I leave feeling amazed that these muscle specialists can get it so right.  What the therapist said made complete sense and seemed to pinpoint the problem.  Much to my surprise, the issue isn’t with the knee itself.  It’s actually more a problem with the muscles in my lower thighs.  The injury left them weak, and I never did anything to strengthen them again.  Because of that, my knee-cap can move around WAY more than it should.  In fact, my other knee can move around a bit more than it should too, according to the therapist.  She was actually surprised that it hasn’t popped out again since.  So they’re going to set me up with some exercises for my thighs.  In a couple of weeks, if you notice that I have legs like the Hulk, well, you’ll know why.  😉

#2.  I have done absolutely nothing creative as of late, and I really need to start.  Martha Stewart would be disappointed.

#3.  Whoever said that cats make for the cleanest pets did not meet my two felines.  They are furry balls of destruction.  They eat like horses, lifting up their heads and looking around when they chew.  The end result is cat food scattered around their kitty dishes.  And instead of daintily digging in their litter boxes, they paw as though their lives depend on it and then fling the cat litter through the air… and usually across the room.  AND they like to knock things off shelves, whether it be a plastic comb or one of my good, glass dishes.  Just the other day, Stitchy sat on a computer monitor, knocked it off a shelf, and the resulting crash resulted in a hole in our wall.  Thankfully, that happened in the walk-in closet, so no one will see it.  All I can say is that it’s a good thing they’re cute.

#4.  I looked at my husband this morning, and noticed that it actually looks like he lost some weight.  I commented on that, and he got a charmed look on his face.  He really does want to get back into shape.  So I thought I’d take advantage  of this moment and told him that it must be the wheat spaghetti we’ve been eating.  I don’t think he bought that, but — hey — I tried.  🙂  Now that I can’t run for at least a month (I need to work on strengthening the knee muscles first), Nate is going to be my speed-walking partner.  Fun times!

#5.  This blog post has absolutely no direction… Ha ha!  Have a GREAT day!

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3 Responses to Five Thoughts

  1. I’m so glad you got some answers at physical therapy! That’s such a great feeling and you’ll be running before you know it! 😀

    Walking is such great exercise and I’ve fallen in love with it ever since my own knee injury. Love it! 😀

    Oh, and I couldn’t stop laughing about your two destructive fur-babies…haha. They’re way too cute. :mrgreen:

  2. Oh I’m so so glad that physical therapy is going well!

    And your kitties are absolutely adorable!

    I love to see Daniel taking on more healthy habits over the years. It’s so wonderful to know that your loved ones are living well and feeling good about themselves!!

    have a great day, my friend!!

  3. lisaou11 says:

    so glad oyur appointment went good!

    and yes, cats can be a pain sometimes…but when they get cuddly all that goes out the window!

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