It’s How I See

My husband is convinced that — as of late — I have become a full-blown, unrepentant ’embellisher’.  Not a liar, mind you.  Not even an exaggerator.  But definitely an ’embellisher’.  He’s convinced that I change details to make the story more interesting… more worthy of the listener’s time.  For example, while he would tell friends that he and I took a stroll through the forest the other day and were bothered by thousands of pesky mosquitoes, I would claim to have had a heart-pounding journey through the dark woods in which I was attacked by tiny trolls. 

I know, silly right?  I’m not suddenly an ’embellisher’.  I mean, come on, my own husband should know that I have always been one. 

It’s not really my fault, as I come from a long  line of ’embellishers’.  We like to see people laugh.  And if the tale we have to tell needs a touch of flair, well, then flair is what it’ll get.  And, yes, we’ll embellish a bit.  And honestly, it’s not intential, as though we plan the added details while rubbing our hands together with sinister intent.  It’s a gift.  Yes, a gift.  Because I also come from a long line of story tellers.  And story tellers don’t see the world as everyone else does.  They see it as a magical place, full of mystery, excitement, and romance.  Everything is bigger, brighter, and more exciting.  So to my husband, I say that people would much rather listen to my stories, because they’re more fun.  And they aren’t embellished.  They’re how I saw things.

I don’t think he’s convinced yet, and he’s been paying closer attention to everything I say as of late.  He waits, hoping for the chance to pounce and exlaim, “Aha, that was embellished!”  I say that he should watch himself, or he’ll find himself in one of my stories — as the grumpy old jailer who’s been in the dark dungeon too long.  😉 

Oh, wait, hold that thought…. There’s a dragon outside my window.

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2 Responses to It’s How I See

  1. Haha…I love your stories. Never stop elaborating. :mrgreen:

    • Nicole says:

      So Nate read my blog for like the first time ever, and he reminded me that he always says I ’embellish’ and not ‘elaborate.’ Oops! Ha, ha. So I edited the blog post to use the correct word. 🙂 I guess that’s what I get for writing so early in the morning.

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