In Full Bloom

I feel as though I blinked and suddenly all the buds on the trees opened and the flowers began to bloom.  It’s SO beautiful!  One of the bushes in front of the house is no longer dormant and the pink, tropical-looking flowers bring back memories of me and Nate’s honeymoon in the Caribbean.  🙂  Hmmm, I’m so ready to go on another tropical vacation!

I’m currently eating my breakfast out on the deck, and there are birds chirping all around me.  The trees directly behind the yard are full of small, green leaves, and I almost feel as though I’m in my own little cabin in the woods.  Is there anything more perfect than a sunny spring morning?  I think not! 

The only thing I’m really not liking about the spring are the creepy / crawly critters.  I grew up in the country, and I’m not scared of bugs — unless it’s a spider and then I scream like a girl.  But the other day, when I came home for lunch and found at least a hundred winged ants crawling all over the inside of our sliding glass door, well, I nearly had a heart attack.  I’m sorry, that’s just gross, disgusting, and enough to make me want to move back to the city.  (Then again, when we lived in the city, Nate and I had to deal with mice, so I suppose ants are better than that).  So I called my dad in a panic, and he sent my sister over with a can of bug spray… And I sprayed the door until my sister and I were nearly dizzy from the fumes.  I haven’t seen any more signs of them this morning, so I hope that’s the end of them. 

Too bad there isn’t a bug exterminator in our family. 

Anyway, as I sit here in the sunshine and feel the cool breeze against my face, all is well; and a few ants aren’t enough to bring my spirits down!  🙂

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3 Responses to In Full Bloom

  1. One of these mornings, I’ll come over really early before you have to work and join you for an outdoor breakfast on the deck. :mrgreen: That looks positively “vacation-ish”!!!

  2. lisaou11 says:

    sounds like a perfect morning. and your picture of the flower is gorgeous!

  3. youngwifey says:

    You pink Azaleas look great!

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