One thing you should never do on your second visit to the physical therapist is to admit that you went jogging against their orders.  I already knew this.  It’s common sense.  So when the therapist asked me how my knee was feeling, and I promptly replied, “Good, except it was pretty sore after I ran a mile,” I wanted to bite my tongue… and curl in a ball… and hide behind the old woman who was pedaling on an exercise bike.  Oops!

Now my physical therapist is good, which means he is very tough.  So although he understood the temptation to run (as he is a runner himself), he told me that there can be absolutely no more running from now on.  At least not until my knee has strengthened a bit.  So I promised to be good.  No more running!  …. at least not until I can learn to keep my mouth shut.  😉 

Once home, I talked a mile a minute to my husband about the exercises and how exhausted my leg was.  “Feel it… Feel my leg,” I gushed.  “It’s so tight right now, it feels like a rock.”

And I’m quite excited that the only exercise equipment I need to buy are ankle weights and a child’s ball.  I haven’t bought one of those balls, since I was a kid.  I’m totally going to pick out a pink one!

This form of exercising is opening a whole new world to me.  I’m a runner.  I run.  That’s it, case closed.  I don’t even really know how to stretch very well.  So this slow process of working each muscles is completely foreign.  But I like it.  I was completely shocked at how thirsty I was when the session was over, because I had been sitting or lying down for most of it.  But lifting my legs with weights or squeezing them together against a ball while pushing against the wall — well — it was almost a work-out.  In fact, I have decided to not give up on working out just because I can’t run.  I’m just going to work on stretching and the slow toning of muscles.

Can’t wait to begin!

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2 Responses to Stretch….

  1. Yes! We can totally be stretching buddies! I think you have one of the same exercises that I’m doing from physical therapy (pushing against the wall while squeezing a ball between my legs…my PT called it the “birthing workout.” :mrgreen: )

    Those types of exercises are really good workouts. I find myself most hungry on the days where I do yoga and strength training, and I love noticing muscles that I never even knew existed…haha. 😀

    Glad to hear the appointment went well!!

  2. lisaou11 says:

    Stretching is SO important and feels so good. I love when I’m in a habit of it.

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