Wait, What Day Is It?

I am completely out-of-sync with what day it is.  I suppose this would be why I don’t normally take a day off in the middle of the week. All day yesterday, I was convinced that it was Saturday, but then –somehow — I woke up this morning and it was Friday morning… which means I have to go to work.  Confusion over-load!  This is nothing that an iced latte can’t solve though, so I am going to stop by Dunkies on my way to work as a special treat to get me through the day.  I really shouldn’t, but that is pretty much what convinced me to get up this morning.  I chanted, “Latte, latte, latte,” all the way to the shower.  Try it, it really works!

Yesterday was a simple, yet perfect day which is really what I had hoped it’d be.  My only complaint is that there were thunderstorms scattered throughout the day.  Wednesday was absolutely gorgeous without a cloud in the sky and today is supposed to be the same.  Yesterday, however, was sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy.  I shouldn’t have been surprised.  It does tend to rain whenever I take a vacation day.  (Word to the wise:  Don’t plan a vacation around my vacations, unless you want the rain and clouds).  😉  So anyway, I was disappointed at first, because I had envisioned Nate and I going on a moderate hike and then having a picnic by the lake.  Instead, we went out for breakfast and went shopping, which maybe wasn’t quite as healthy… but it ended up being the relaxing, slow-paced day I needed. 

For breakfast, Nate and I went to the maple-syrup farm that has become a staple of our relationship.  With a gentle prodding from Nate, I once again decided to try something new.  (This is hard for me, as I am in love with my usual, veggie omelet).  But the special of the month was a raspberry, stuffed French Toast, which I decided I had to try.  It was crazy delicious, but also crazy sweet as the cream cheese in the middle was sweetened… and pink.  So I almost felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast (don’t tell my mother, please).  It was good, but I probably wouldn’t order it again due to that fact.  …that and I could only manage to eat about half of it, so it was kind of wasteful.  But I am glad I tried it, because I’ve been wanting to try stuffed French Toast for awhile now!

After breakfast, Nate and I drove to a blustering city full of furniture stores and shopping malls.  My kind of place, let me tell you!  The shops were full of bright summer colors, and I fell in love with the dishes, patio furniture, and seasonal accents wherever we went.  Hmmm, I cannot wait until we buy a couch so that we can begin saving for the fun things — the accents that really turn a house into a home.  Like the daisy chip-and-dip  bowl I found at Pier One.  That will definitely be a necessity once we have a couch.

Before heading home at the end of the day, we hit the toy section of a store so that I could pick up a child’s ball for my knee exercises.  Let me tell you, walking through the toy section of a store always brings me back to the good ol’ days.  I  feel like a little kid, because suddenly I have to touch this and try that.  I found a hula hoop, and — I mean — when was the last time you used one of those?  I think my husband is beginning to think that I have no shame, but — hey — it’s fun.  🙂

Well, here I go to work…  It’s going to be a busy — yet fun — weekend.  Tonight, Nate and I are visiting some friends for dinner.  My friend Ashley is the next Martha Stewart — no lie — and she’s making a breakfast feast for dinner.  Tomorrow, Nate and I are getting together with his family for Mother’s Day, and I’m in charge of dessert… so that could be interesting.  And Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I’ll be spending that with my family.  Good times!

Happy Friday everyone!

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One Response to Wait, What Day Is It?

  1. I totally want a hula hoop. Talk about fun exercise! 😀

    I’m glad you were finally able to try the stuffed French toast!! 😀 And I’m also glad you guys had such a fun day out. 😀

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