Ashley’s Kitchen

Visiting my friend Ashley’s home is like being transported into the pages of a Martha Stewart magazine…  Except everything comes to life.  There’s a tantalizing aroma of cinnamon and homemade bread.  The sprigs of flowers that add a splash of color to the white, linen napkins have the delicate scent of spring.  You can actually sit at the dinner-table or find a cozy spot on the little, white couch. Everything is in its perfect place and the accents scattered throughout pull the entire home together, but — believe it — this place is for real.

Ash and I met in college; she was a freshman and I was a Junior, transfer student.  Although I was in my third year of college, I still just had the basics packed in my suitcases — clothes, journals, and maybe a bit of food to get me through the rough Cafeteria days.  When I stepped into the dorm room after Ashley had added her magical touch, there were adorable white curtains hanging over the windows, a ladybug rug for the door, a kitchenette, and a hospital.  She had everything.  But you would never know it.  To this day, I have no idea where she hid it all or how she managed to keep everything so perfectly organized.  But if I had a cut, she’d disappear into her closet and come out with disinfectant and a band-aid.  And if we were disgusted with the Cafeteria choices, suddenly I’d find myself eating mac’n cheese.  She’d knit adorable scarves during chapel, arrange flowers so that they were even more beautiful than before, and talk about sewing as though it were as simple as learning to count.  By the end of the year, I had decided that she was the most talented girl I had ever met or I was rooming with a fairy.

Last night Ashley proved that she is the most talented girl I’ve ever met.  And I’m even more convinced that — someday — she is going to give Martha Stewart a run for her money.  The menu was breakfast for dinner… There was homemade cranberry bread, cinnamon rolls, sweet potato waffles, breakfast casserole, and slices of ham.  Not only was everything absolutely delicious, but it was presented perfectly.  I asked her if she gives lessons, and she laughed. I was serious. The things I could learn from this girl!

For dessert, Ashley stuck to something light as we were quite full by this point.  It was impossible not to try everything!  So she served pineapple and homemade mango jello.  Yes, the creativity continues.  Is there anything this girl cannot do?   I’m pretty sure there isn’t, and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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3 Responses to Ashley’s Kitchen

  1. Ashley really is the next Martha Stewart. I’m waiting for you guys to create the newest, most fabulous magazine together. I would totally be a subscriber. 😀

  2. ASHLEY IS AMAZING!! Seriously, watch it Martha!! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time, I wish I could have delighted in that delicious spread!!

  3. That’s a really pretty tablescape! And homemade jello? Yeah, that’s so Martha. But did she blow the glasses on the table herself? Because I think Martha would scoff at serving drinks in glasses she didn’t make in her own glass-blowing studio. 😉

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