Not Such an Annoying Habit

I have this annoying habit of waking up early in the morning and then needing to sit up to see the alarm clock. I do this so that I can find out how much time left I have to sleep.  It’s okay if it happens once, but if it’s one of those mornings in which I wake up consantly, all that sitting up could really cut into my sleep time.  Wonder if it also works my abs in the process?  That wouldn’t be so bad…

Well, today, that annoying habit of mine wasn’t so annoying.  My gray cat Stitchy has been sitting on top of the alarm clock as of late.  I’m not quite sure how he does it, but he folds himself into a fluffy, little package and balances on it as though he’s a rooster on a perch.  And — every time — he manages to turn off the alarm. 

So today, when I sat up to find out how much time my hubby and I had left to sleep, I realized that we not only didn’t have any more time, but we also had over-slept by about twenty minutes.  Thus, my post will be short, as I have a presentation at work today and very little time to make myself look presentable.  It’s a good thing it’s Friday, that’s all I can say!

Have a great day!

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2 Responses to Not Such an Annoying Habit

  1. Haha…too funny! I’ll bet Stitch knows what he’s doing and enjoys the fact that he can spend a little more time with his parents around. 😉 Too cute.

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!! 😀

  2. I’ve always known cats are evil. 😉

    I give you major credit for being 20 minutes behind and still posting. I get so frazzled when I oversleep that I’m lucky if I remember lunch!

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