She Did It!

Yesterday, my little sister graduated from college with a degree in nutrition.  Who would have known that the nutritionist in the family would be her… 

 I still remember the time that she — as a little girl — joined forces with my brother and marched around the table with signs reading “Ban Tofu,” when I dared make tofu stuffed-shells for dinner.  She didn’t care what was in the microwaveable pudding-cake she topped with icecream, just as long as it was chocolate.  Her favorite meal was sardines, instant potatoes, and canned corn.  Her idea of exercise was prancing around the house with a horse crop, as she pretended to be a cowgirl.  Purple popsicles counted as a serving of fruit, and bagel pizzas could cure any ailment. 

She was the round thing that my dad fondly referred to as his little marshmellow.  He wasn’t being mean.  If you had seen her run, you would know why.  Imagine a fluffy marshmellow with short, stubby legs running around.  That was Sarah.

So when did it happen?  When did she start making healthy meals like pumpkin spice oatcakes with almond butter, sliced bananas, and cranberry sauce?  When did she start running 10k races?  When did she begin to encourage my family to begin exercising again?  I have no idea… But it happened.  Somehow, my round sister turned into a tall, lean, beautiful young woman. 

I do take some of the credit, just for the record.  I did introduce her to tofu that one time years ago, despite her and my brother’s attempts at picketing the meal.  😉  Would she be where she is today with that introduction to the world of healthy-food?  We may never know…

 People asked me if seeing my younger sister graduating would make me feel old or emotional, but I found that I wasn’t the least bit over-whelmed.  Just as time molded my sister into the health-loving person she is, it has molded she and I into best friends.  I wasn’t watching the chubby little kid that my brother and I used to tease endlessly.  I was watching the girl I prefer to hang out with over anyone else (other than my hubby)…  the girl who I always go to for fashion advice… the girl who I call when I can’t remember how long to roast veggies in the oven.  More than my little sister, she’s my best friend.  So all I felt was proud and excited!!

 Anyway, after the graduation — at which my parents, Nate, and I made fools of ourselves by jumping up and down and screaming “S*A*R*A*H” about ten times — we all headed to my parent’s house to celebrate.  The excitement, mixed in with the pride, added to the lattee my dad bought me on the drive home turned me into a very giddy, hyper person.  One second I was modeling my sister’s very stylish glasses and the next second I was in my husband’s arms.  What can I say.  Only my family knows the real me.

And pretty much no one knows me better than my sister.  We’ve been on some crazy adventures together, and now her life is moving forward as she begins a nutrition internship.  More adventures ahead…  More dreams to fulfill…  But no matter what comes, I couldn’t be more proud of her than I am right now!  Love ya, Girl!

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3 Responses to She Did It!

  1. Aww…Nicole, thank you so much!! You will always be my best friend and *yes* you are the one who got me into healthy eating. Deep down I kind of liked the tofu stuffed shells, and I think it all started then…haha. :mrgreen:

    Love you lots!

    (p.s. I adore that picture of you and Nate, by the way!! 😀 )

  2. dianacheung says:

    Congrats to your lil sis. 🙂

  3. I LOVE this post!!! You are such an angel. I am so happy to hear that Sarah did it!! What an accomplishment, especially from the funny girlhood stories you shared! Haha. Your writing was wonderful and fun to read. SHe is so lucky to have you- you are such a supportive, loving, and encouraging individual and I’m so glad to even just know you through the blog. I’m smiling!

    Have a lovely day, darling!

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