Three Geeks and a Red Head

One of my favorite things about weekends is hanging out with my sister.  (A.k.a. Sarah from SlowThingsDown).  There was a time that she honestly drove me a bit crazy.  😉  We’re four years apart and shared the same bedroom when we were small.  Almost every night, as I found myself drifting off to fall alseep, she’d beg me to tell her a story.  Or she’d suddenly want to play doctor and would pinch my arm as hard as she could, pretending to give me a shot.  Yeah, they were good times.  But as she and I have grown up, we’ve become best friends and do pretty much everything together. 

Yesterday’s adventure was a trip to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

Now I thought that my sister was just going to give me the grand tour, as I have never been to Whole Foods and I’ve been to Trader Joe’s only once.  But we honestly walked down half an aisle, I turned my back for one minute, and suddenly her shopping basket was completely full of cereal boxes.  My first thought was that — as a nutritionist — she cannot help but grab healthy items off the shelves.  I was about to help her resist the temptation, as I wondered what else she would grab after I had blinked just once more, when I realized that she had a list. Oh, this girl is good!  She was prepared to shop!

I was quite intrigued by the array of organic cereals and snacks — all as healthy as they were out of my budget — when I saw it:  a free hotdog stand! Now I have never passed by a sample cart…ever.  And even my sister was completely excited.  Because a free hotdog is nearly exciting as a full course dinner, just because that little word ‘free’ is in front of it.  And they even had a sample of organic ketchup to try. Seriously, I knew this called for a picture!  This is when I pulled out the camera, told my sister to smile, and took a pic as she poured on the ketchup.  For those of you who can’t read Sarah’s facial expressions, her face is saying, “Oh my goodness, I can’t take my sister anywhere.”

Whole Foods was next on the list, and I have to say that — even if this too was a bit much for my budget — it was my favorite.  They had everything.  Taco shells without preservatives, cheese crackers without preservatives, organic this, and organic that.  I’m not one to go out of my way to buy organic (again, it’s not usually budget friendly… or at least not for my newlywed budget), but I do try to avoid buying foods that list too many ingredients I can’t pronounce.  So I was excited to see some of my hubby’s favorite foods being sold without those added fillers. 

AND… they had FREE organic lemonade samples.  Yes, more free samples.  What a day!  Seriously, if I had just found a free dessert somewhere, it would have been a full course meal.  Now I know why my sister loves shopping here!  (That’s me, filling ‘er up!). 

Well, since we did not find a free dessert, Sarah treated me to icecream at an icecream parlor that wasn’t far from Whole Foods.  Neither of us had ever been, but — let me tell you — we will go back!  The homemade icecream was to die for, and I have officially found my favorite icecream ever: Three Greeks and a Redhead.  No, I am not just in love with it because of the name, although I must say that it added to the entire experience. 🙂  The icecream was raspberry swirl with chocolate chunks and a hint of coconut. Yes, coconut in icecream!  I didn’t know that such a thing existed, but — let me tell you — it is AMAZING!

The entire day was amazing.  I can’t wait until the next time she and I are hanging out together… and that’s even if free samples or icecream aren’t involved. 

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3 Responses to Three Geeks and a Red Head

  1. Can I just say how absolutely *gorgeous* that last picture is of you? You’re so beautiful. 😀

    And yes…you totally read my expression in that photo…haha. But I’m glad you whip out your camera in every place, because I love having the pics. 😀

    Love you girl!

  2. Justine says:

    High prices are definitely a down side to buying organic. I am embarrassed at how much I spend (just for me!) and have been trying for ages to figure out a cheaper way to eat ‘clean’.
    (I just read about your Memere on Sarah’s blog-I’m so sorry to hear about that for you. You are all in my prayers.)

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