My husband Nate and I are your typical, first-time home buyers:  we’re broke.  🙂    Well, it at least feels that way.  Really, the majority of our money is safely deposited into the bank or goes into the fund for our living room set (which should be purchased by the end of next month!).  But as Nate has been putting in quite a bit of over-time lately, he kidnapped me Thursday for a fun-filled day in Boston.  And let me tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered! 

We took the train into the city, which I have only done once.  When the conductor came over to punch holes into our ticket, I expected him to start dancing around and singing like Tom Hanks from The Polar Express.  He looked just like him.  Well, he had the same uniform anyway.  

As each new town passed by, I found myself mentally taking notes as to which ones just might warrant a visit in the future.  We passed wetlands and large ponds… saw a blue heron landing in a lake… waved at some people who were sitting on a condo balcony…and passed quaint town centers filled with interesting stores.  My only complaint was that there was no food sold on the train.  😉  It was nearly lunch-time, and I was quite starving by the end of the ride.

So when my hubby took me to Loew’s Theater and I walked up to a candy counter that looked like this, I nearly couldn’t control myself.  I wanted to crawl onto the top of the counter and start nibbling on that giant pretzel.  (See, folks, this is the importance of keeping a healthy snack with you at all times).  Thankfully they sold small bags of gummy bears, so I kept my sweet tooth at bay with that.  The movie Robin Hood was pretty good, by the way.  I think there were too many characters and fight scenes, so they couldn’t spend enough time on character development. 

Immediately following the movie, dinner was a must.  Nate took me to one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Boston — Maggiano’s Little Italy.  Our waiters were being trained, so we ended up with four of them. It was as though we were royalty.  So this is what it’s like to be waited on hand and foot.  It was nice to always have a Dt. Coke refill or plenty of water in my glass, but I imagine that it would get old after awhile.  Anyway, the food was absolutely amazing!  My husband nearly fainted when he tried his steak and begged me to try it so that I could replicate the sauce sometime for dinner.  Sure, Hun. I’ll whip up a batch of that Portabella Mushroom Sauce for your Filet Mignon tomorrow. No problem!  😉  Is it possible for a husband to have too much confidence in his wife? 

I ordered Mom’s Lasagna, and it was lasagna perfection!  Just the right amount of cheese and meat with the most savory tomato sauce you could imagine.  I was in heaven.  Hmmm, and I haven’t even mentioned the homemade bread and the olive oil for dipping.  My tastebuds were so happy.

For the rest of the day, we walked through the busy streets of Boston… visited my brother, who works at a Border’s bookstore there… and — of course — took a lovely train-ride back.  It was SUCH a fun day, and I think that I should be kidnapped by my husband more often.  🙂

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One Response to Kidnapped

  1. Oh FUN! And I can’t get over that candy display. I would have been gnawing on that pretzel right along with you…haha. :mrgreen:

    So glad you guys had a fun day out! 😀

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