Life Happens

I had absolutely every intention of making a delicious recipe last night, not only for my husband’s sake but also to share with you — my blogger friends.  It is not my fault that the evening did not quite turn out as I had planned.  Due to my having been out of the office for nearly all of last week, I felt compelled to work a bit later.  So I did.  And my husband, in his eagerness to add more money to the couch fund (or maybe the fire pit fund), worked late as well… in addition to going grocery shopping for me.  What a man!  So by the time we were both home, it was 8pm and that is way too late to put together a large meal.  I was thinking more along the lines of a bowl of cereal at that point.  What can I say?  Life happens.

But I promise you that I have not given up on cooking and trying new recipes.  In fact, my husband was noticing pretty much every recipe listed on the back of the grocery items we put away.  If this is not a sign that  he is craving my home-cooking, then I don’t know what is.  Poor guy.

So it was especially hard for me to hand over the bill I received from the hospital.  We’ve been dishing out $25 a week for my physical therapy, on top of the $50 we’ve already paid for my MRI.  Unfortunately, my insurance company stopped paying for the MRI by a certain point, and we owe the hospital $400 dollars.  That is probably about what my husband has brought in for all of the over-time he’s been working.  Now I tried to take a positive outlook on this, because there are people who wouldn’t have the money to pay for that.  And we do.  So I tried to be all smiles and say things like, “Wow, it’s a good thing you’ve been working extra hours,” as I handed over that dreaded piece of paper.  But it’s hard for me to see my hubby disappointed, and he most definitely was disappointed.  I think I watched the couch and the fire pit both fall from his dreams.  Life happens.

But tomorrow is a new day.  A new day to work hard… a new day to bake that home-cooked meal… a new day to actually have an interesting blog post.  😉  And today wasn’t wasted.  Because it was a lesson learned… it was a hard day’s work… it was an hour or two spent cuddling with my husband over a Celtics game.  🙂  In the end, it’s the dream of doing better that causes life to be an adventure.  But never hate the day you lived.  Because that day — even if it wasn’t what you’d planned — was a day spent with the ones you love, and it was a blessing.

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3 Responses to Life Happens

  1. You are so, so, so right!

    “But never hate the day you lived.”

    I love this quote!

  2. Kyla Roma says:

    Your attitude is so amazing- I’m glad that you’re staying positive, and hopefully that couch and fire pit become part of the fall if they can’t be part of the summer 🙂

  3. shesarunner says:

    That last line really spoke to me. I needed it more than anything today, so thank you for that. “The dream of doing better causes life to be an adventure” is also a pretty awesome quote. I’m going to write that one down.
    Hope you and hubs have a wonderful night

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