The Flirty with Thirty List

Here is my Flirty with Thirty List.  🙂  Some of the ‘challenges’ are — well — challenging, while others are a tad bit silly.  But it’s just to get me thinking outside the box and to remind me to just do some of the things I really want to… instead of continuously putting them off.  It’s all about having fun and enjoying the life God gave me.  🙂  This weekend, I’ll create a special page just for this list, so that I can keep you updated on my achievements.  And as I mentioned before, it’s my countdown to thirties list, but there’s no pressure and it’s okay if I don’t get them all checked off.  Because in the end, love is all that matters. 

Attend a cooking class
Go to a Spa
Carve a pumpkin
Pull an All-nighter
Buy an icecream from an icecream truck
Help someone else achieve something that’s on their own “life’s to-do list”.
Go on a Duck Tour
Show an elderly person I care
Eat at the Hub in Boston
Stay at a nice hotel in Boston
Learn to sew (or at least make an effort)
Finish the rough draft of a novel
Go on a horse-drawn carrige ride through Boston
Learn cake decorating
Learn the guitar
Make homemade jam
Visit Washington DC
Grow a flower garden
Build a snowman
Make homemade icecream
Go horseback riding
Go on a sunset, dinner cruise
Visit New York City
Go to a restaurant and just order dessert
Try an icecream flavor I never have before
Run a 5k race
Go camping
Wrap a present that’s too pretty to open
Bake a homemade raisin bread
Host a holiday dinner
Go on a sleigh ride
Drive in a blizzard just to get hot chocolate
Try something new at my favorite restaurant
Take makeup lessons
Make homemade pretzels
Send an anonymous card to encourage a friend
Bake a turkey
Take a cake decorating class
Take a self defense class
Make a piece of jewelry and wear it
Try a new softserve icecream flavor
Plan a themed dinner
Make a fruit basket
Take an exercise class
Take a train ride
Do something that scares me
Write a song
Create a scrapbook
Get something I wrote published
Make a new friend
Win a writing contest
Dance in the moonlight
Try a fruit I never have before
Eat a vegetable that I grew myself
Completely finish decorating a room in the new house
Completely finish decorating a room in the new house (#2)
Learn how to keep house plants alive (Ha, ha)
Get back into shape
Hike a 4,000 ft mountain in New Hampshire
Throw a birthday party for someone
Host a girl’s only party at my house
Buy a living room set  🙂
Dance in the rain
Jog five miles
Kidnap my husband for the day and spoil him with planned surprises
With God’s help, be the best woman I can be!!!
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5 Responses to The Flirty with Thirty List

  1. I. Love. This. List.

    Seriously. And I had no idea you wanted to take a self defense class, because I was *just* talking about that the other day. Sign me up with you on that one! 😀

  2. dianacheung says:

    i need to make a list. I read somewhere to REALLY try to accomplish them put 3 things a month on calender and just do it!

  3. youngwifey says:

    Great list! I wrote “go to a movie alone” on my list and Hubster just didn’t seem to get it…

  4. Jeannine Como says:

    I would love to help you with several things on your list. Let me know when you’re ready!

  5. shesarunner says:

    This is a very inspiring list. I would love to make a list like this, although I’m afraid of disappointing myself and not living up to my goals. I guess that is the whole point though. Aiming to do these things, but without pressure…just with the goal of being happy!

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