Best Birthday EVER!

Yesterday was a blast and just may have been my favorite birthday ever.  First of all, I spent the majority of the day with my mom and sister Sarah at the mall.  Can you get any better than that?  How about adding some cute clothes that are ALL on sale. I’m talking crazy sales that stretched my clothing budget until I bought nearly everything I truly wanted, without going one penny over budget.  I love shopping trips like that!  Not to mention that shopping with my mom and Sarah means lots of laughter and plenty of random photo shoots.  It’s always the ultimate girl’s afternoon when we’re spending time together.  🙂  So glad I decided to take the day off from work.  It was worth it!

I also — drum roll please — bought my first pair of skinny jeans.  If you know me, then you know just how terrified I am of skinny jeans.  I’m not sure what possessed me to try them on in the first place, other than I figured it would make for a good laugh. In fact, in the dressing room, I did burst into laughter, as I exclaimed, “I look like a Jonas brother!”    But they were on sale for just over $10 at New York and Company, and you can’t beat that price for a new pair of pants.  Besides, I just turned twenty-seven years old.  I figured that it’s time to do something a little crazy.  So at the prodding and encouragement of Mom and Sarah, I purchased that pair of skinny jeans.  If I’ll ever find the nerve to actually wear them, well, that is a completely different story.  I’ll keep you informed about that one.  😉

But after hours of shopping… dodging other customers… standing in line to make purchases… and finding sale after sale, Sarah and I started to look like this…  EXHAUSTED!  (Slight dramatization on this pic). 😉 

Soooo, it was time to head home for the tropical birthday party.  It was a complete success, mostly because my entire family was there to share it with me. My brother Matthew and his girlfriend Kelsey even drove up from Boston.  There’s nothing like being surrounded by the ones you love on your birthday!  In fact, it was so much fun that I am holding myself back from posting all 109 pictures that my sister took.  I just want to share — and remember — every little moment and detail.  From the delicious burgers that my husband grilled… to the tropical sundaes… to each perfect gift that my family took the time to buy me.

My sister bought me an adorable travel mug, which will be absolutely perfect for bringing tea to work.  Matthew and Kelsey bought me some lotion and a gift certificate to Olive Garden.  (Italian anyone?).  My sister and my mom picked me out two beautiful necklaces from American Eagle.  My mom also bought me a gift subscription for Real Simple magazine.  There were other gifts too, and I was completely over-whelmed by their love and generosity.

And I was also over-whelmed when Nate walked into the living room with a bike for me!! I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning.  Now I can bike ride to my parents… go bike riding with my sister… and bike ride with Nate.  I pretty much did a little happy dance and then took it for a test drive up the street.  Yep, I haven’t exactly grown up yet.  😉

Thank you to my family for an amazing birthday filled with fun and love.  You are all the best!  🙂

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3 Responses to Best Birthday EVER!

  1. It was my favorite birthday by far too, and it wasn’t even mine. :mrgreen: So much fun!

    Oh, and since I just so happened to buy a pair of skinny jeans on the same day that you decided to buy a pair, I say that we have a skinny jean outing somewhere soon. 😀

  2. dianacheung says:

    happy happy birfday. Glad you got spoiled on your day..and NO. I still can’t wear skinny jeans!

  3. Laura Schaefer says:

    Happy Late Birthday!! And you should totally be rocking those skinny jeans! You rocked the hardest of all skinny jeans (WHITE) and look amazing!! I can’t wear them, they make my bum look HUGE!!! haha, So I’ll be waiting on a skinny jean outfit post!! 😀

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