Health: It’s All About YOU

Don’t give up!!!

It’s what I wanted to scream to the girl at work who announced that she just couldn’t do it. She couldn’t eat healthy.  The chocolate, and creamy iced-coffee, and cheesy Italian foods she loved so much were just too much for her.  She’d never have a healthy diet, because she couldn’t stick to a diet.  So she hung her head in shame, compared herself to someone else who was munching on carrot sticks, and announced that she was through. 

And honestly, I think the only place she went wrong was when she compared herself to other people.  She looked at someone who has an extremely healthy diet and who apparently has no struggle with food, and she came to the conclusion that she is a failure.  Instead, she should have been looking at herself, finding ways she could do better, and then motivated herself to do better each and every day.  Health should be personal!

I remember how discouraged I was when I first got married.  Suddenly, I couldn’t just whip up an egg-white omelet or a bowl of cereal for a lazy dinner.  I was coming home to a very hungry hubby.  But I didn’t feel like spending lots of time in the kitchen, because I was tired from work… and there were all the extra chores to do now that we had our own place.  So I turned to frozen or packaged foods — frozen chicken patties, frozen pizza, frozen meat pies, hotdogs, and even hamburger helper.  (Gulp, that was harder to admit than I thought it would be).

That was about two years ago, and it lasted for nearly a year.  But then I became fed up.  Fed up with how sluggish I was feeling, fed up with how my clothes were becoming snug, and fed up with how worried I was about our health.  So I took action.

But it wasn’t a complete, cold-turkey revolution.  I made it do-able.  Because why discourage yourself by making things too difficult to achieve? 

So for the past year, I have focused on dinner entrees.   I would like to announce that I haven’t cooked a frozen chicken patty or meat pie for at least a year now.  I have once again fallen in love with my cookbooks and nearly every meal I put together for dinner is low-fat and healthy.  Sure, I make splurge meals sometimes, but they’re always homemade.  I’ve learned some quick meals that I can throw together in almost the same time I would have put together hamburger helper… except I now know what I’m putting into my body because I’m the one who added the ingredients. 

And it’s still a process… I still need some more quick meal recipes, and some recipes are duds and should never be made again.  But it’s all about moving forward, doing better, and realizing how far you’ve come. 

Hey, I — more than anyone — should understand that you can’t compare yourself to other people.  My sister Sarah is a nutritionist with a healthy eating blog.  She takes healthy eating to a level of perfection.  And I’m just not there yet, especially since I have a picky husband to feed.  But you know, she inspires and motivates me!

Now that I feel confident about having healthy dinner options that both my husband and I can enjoy, I’m ready to tackle something else. I think that snacks or lunches might be next on the list.  It’s just one step at a time, one meal at a time, and one eating habit at a time.  It’s a journey.  Don’t stop just because someone else has already come to the end of theirs.  Because this isn’t about them.  It’s about you!

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3 Responses to Health: It’s All About YOU

  1. lisaou11 says:

    love this.

    I am about to move in with my boyfriend of 3.5 years and I worry about cooking most nights to feed him etc. This was a eye-opener. Just one day at a time and one meal at a time.

  2. Awesome. You are so right and I feel bad for that poor girl who decided to just give up on her “diet.” If only she could read your post.

    It’s so easy to compare ourselves to other people. I used to feel that way with running when I saw people doing marathons. It was frustrating at first until I realized that I was doing what I could personally do and–most importantly–I was *enjoying* it and having fun. Someday I’ll run a marathon, but in the meantime, I’ll keep taking baby steps to get there. 😀

    Oh, and lastly, love your thoughts on making small changes. As the ol’ mantra goes, *small changes, big results.* Little things really do add up! 😀

    GREAT post! 😀

  3. dianacheung says:

    dude…had no idea that was your sister. And don’t be so hard on yourself…healthy eating is a lifestyle change so it can take awhile to get your body/mindset/life adjusted to it. Seriously…I’ve been struggling for the past few months so TRUST ME. And you’re right…you are eating healthy for YOUUUU. I need to remember that sometimes too. 😦

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