July 4th Challenge!

The Contestant:  Me!

The Challenge:  Whip together a potato salad, iron two outfits, tidy the kitchen, do dishes, slice a watermelon, make myself presentable  (Notice that I left out: update blog.  A weekend recap will be held off until tomorrow, as a blog update would probably turn this challenge into an impossibility). 

The Deadline: 9:30 am (when I need to leave for church)

The Prize:  A BBQ at my parent’s house after church

Will I make it????

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3 Responses to July 4th Challenge!

  1. YES! Two and a half hours left and counting. You can totally make it!! :mrgreen:

  2. Jeannine Como says:

    Of course you will!

  3. love1025 says:

    wow that is a ton of work! How i felt saturday (i was 30 minutes past my deadline!). Hope you had a great 4th!

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