Despicable Cooking

They’re small…


Rather cute in their own little way…

And they’re so full of mischief and won’t behave in the least bit.

No, I’m not talking about the little yellow guys from Despicable Me.

I’m talking about seafood.  Scallops to be exact.  And last night, was attempt — and flop — number three.  I have no idea why I can tackle — and conquer — a meal with salmon, haddock, cod, or even shrimp.  But give me scallops to work with, and I’ll find some way to mess them up.  Now I should have listened to my gut instinct as I was cooking, because the recipe took a strange turn at one point.  And I should have just skipped the added flour, but I didn’t. So I ended up with a thick, lumpy paste (the lumps being the scallops).  I would post a picture here, but I don’t want to be responsible for a worldwide epidemic of gagging. 

My husband, as always, was understanding and reminded me that I can’t be good at absolutely everything.  And he said that maybe I should just stay away from scallops when I’m in the kitchen.  Hint, hint.  But little does he know that I will make scallops every night for a year if that is what it’ll take for me to create a delicious — and edible — scallop dish.  Oh, yeah, I’m not going down!

What about you?  What food gives you the most problems?

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6 Responses to Despicable Cooking

  1. theclambroll says:

    I haven’t had the pleasure of attacking scallops yet (mostly because the hubs dislikes them)…but my disaster food is filet mignon. Long story short: smoky kitchen, fire alarm going off, dinner being eaten with the windows wide open in the middle of January…yeah, not good!!!

  2. This totally reminded me of Julie and Julia. “No fears, Julia.”

    I know you. You’ll get these scallops down pat to absolute perfection. And please invite me over when you do. 😉

  3. Jeannine Como says:

    Pork chops–they always come out dry.

  4. lisaou11 says:

    I dont do seafood–dont like it so I wont cook it and stink up the house haha

    • jelillie says:

      The secret to a good fried scallop is the double breading. Get your oil going really good and hot for frying. dip your scallops in SIFTED flour first then dip into an eggwash (if egg and milk makes the breading too thick try egg and water). Then roll lightly in a cracker meal or bread crumb mixture. Then fry until golden brown. Note the oil should be deep enough that you don’t have to turn the scallop over half way through cooking. You want to cook the whole scallop at once. Also scallops should all be about the same size when cooking. When I used to do the jumbo scallops I always cut them in half because I always found frying the scallop whole had the breading overcooked and the center of the scallop still raw. Happy Eating! P.S. I can’t make a good potato salad to save my life!

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